Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11 On this day in Oz History

Had a brilliant morning where I trundled off to the Breast Clinic in Clayton and got the all clear on my lumpy boobs.
Feeling rather light and happy for some reason.
Celebrated by making an awesome chicken pasta salad with chilli and garlic dressing, hmmmm.
Just don't stand behind me any time soon.

1851 - The election was held - yes, I know this last election felt like it went on forever but I'm not talking about that one - for the first ever Legislative Council for Vic Parliament.
They could have done with Gough in the ruck, Malcolm in the goal square, Menzies at full forward, Chifley at centre pocket, Cutain at wicket, Deakin as spin bowler, Charles Perkins as Captain, Toby Tosspot Barton and Silly Billy Hughes would have done as the half-time entertainment and we may have discovered exactly where the missing Parliamentary Mace got shoved.

1999 -The Lesbian Mental Health Support Group’s first meeting was held.

2002 - The Memorandum of Understanding for records in the open access period by South Australian Indigenous people was signed by the Acting Director-General of the National Archives and the Chairperson of Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia.

1967 - Aussie-made Adventure Island dragged all us poor, hard done by kiddies into the magical world of Diddley-Dum-Diddley on the ABC.
I have not yet forgiven the broadcaster for cancelling the show and replacing it with Sesame Street.

2008 - The Argus (UK) announced that The Brighton and Hove City Council would repatriate Aboriginal remains from the Booth Museum of Natural History to Australia.


  1. I thought I was the only person who was not happy when Adventure Island was replaced with yet more Americana. Nice to hear otherwise.

  2. They have a clinic here called 'Top and Tail' which is like a one stop shop of girly investigations.

    In and out and you are done both ends. HUZZAH!

    (and yay for ok lumpy boobs)

  3. I remember Adventure Island, every day after school in the winter. I spent summers at the beach until sundown.
    My kids grew up with Sesame Street, I think each of them gave it up at about 3 1/2.
    Hooray on the boob all clear.

  4. Ah yes, Adventure Island with Nancy Cato. Find her on Twitter or her blog to see her rants. She is fab.

  5. "1999 -The Lesbian Mental Health Support Group’s first meeting was held."

    Damn, I missed it.

  6. Yay, EC, River and Andrew, I'm not the only one who misses Adventure Island!

    I chat with Nancy on Twitter, Andrew, classy lady :)

    I like the sound of Top and Tail, Kelley, I shall telegraph my request that they open a chain of shops ;)

    S'ok, Brian, we'll hold a session just for you :P