Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12 On this day in Aussie History

Another lovely day, another patch of grass to tug at.
I'm currently digging up a patch of lawn in the backyard to cover with river pebbles.
Yes, I'm doing it by hand, why do you ask?
and, yes, I am slightly knackered and more or less unhinged, do you really need to ask that question?
Not bothering with weed mat, that damn stuff still allows weeds to flourish...nah, we go ol' skool (I can hear my son shrieking with embarrassment) and use layers of wet newspapers.
The wormies like the newspapers, too.
But more importantly the weeds don't like it.
Except now the rain is persistently precipitating so, alas, I shall be forced to park my carcass indoors and crochet, instead.

1903 - Who said bathing wasn't dangerous?!
Former Vic Premier Duncan Gillies had a nasty mischief with his heart while enjoying a bath at Parliament House and gave up eating and drinking.

1854 - Toot, toot, tooting Victoria being the first to lead the way in all of the Fair Isle of Oz with the new-fangled steam railway; it chugged its wee heart out between Flinders Street Station (then dubbed Melbourne Terminus, opened with great fanfare by Ltt-Gov Charlie Hotham) to Port Melbourne over a massive distance of 2 1/4 miles.
Victoria has managed to not repeat this leadership in rail ever since.

1889 - Be still my beating heart!
More rail line was opened with Ballarat East travellers able to zoom along almost 7 miles to Buninyong.

1977 - It was too good to be true; the rot had set in and 4 rail lines were closed on this day...
Dennington to Port Fairy
Koroit to Hamilton (Coleraine Junction)
Coleraine Junction to Coleraine
Branxholme to Casterton

2006 - Public servants in the Federal Govt couldn't help but stick their oar in and have their tuppence ha'penny worth of drivel by interfering in discussions between the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and museums in England regarding the repatriation of Aboriginal remains.

1978 - The Australian Public Service bans discrimination against lesbians and gay men.
 Pity this wasn't the blanket ban on discrimination that it should be (I'm looking at you, Georgie Pell, and dubious crew).


  1. Surely you meant 'Pity this wasn't the blanket ban...'?

  2. Yes, you're right, Brian.
    Have fixed it now.
    Too many interruptions researching and typing it up *slaps wrist*

  3. Yay for worms. (I love my worm farm).
    And boo and hiss on the ongoing discrimination front - sexual, racial, age and everything else related.

  4. I think Australia should become known as The Rail Country and have a network of Railways from one end to the other and across country too. Heavy freight could once again travel this way, taking the weight and pressure off our roads. Small towns could reopen and flourish with jobs for the people. Of course the interstate truckers and their companies wouldn't be happy, but perhaps they could work for the railways.

  5. Your back darls, your back. Delegate.

    River, we did, we did have network of rails.

  6. Andrew; I mean the rail network should be reopened and used again.