Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13 Oz history on this day

Good morning my dear reader!
Another fabulous day in which to wend our wicked plots for the days doings!
Or maybe just park our arse and contemplate our naval.

One pigeon has felt the force of Friday the 13th already when his amorous advances towards a female of the species resulted in his sliding down the tiled roof and, in a very undignified manner, fluttering to the ground.

1988 - The passing of Sam Maxwell in Toowoomba may not raise a blip on your radar these days but go and read some of his life story and hard-work droving in the days before road trains HERE.

1946 - William Alexander Watt, Victorian Premier and acting Prime Minister, clicked his ruby red slippers, chanted "There's no place like home" and shuffled off this mortal coil.
Or the Mother Ship returned.
Something like that.

1900 - The Salvos were the leading entertainment of the day when 4,000 bods turned up to eyeball the premiere of their locally-filmed fancy flick Soldiers of The Cross.

1943 - Dorothy Tangney and Dame Enid Lyons became the first chickybabes to park their sit-upons (as members, not the Govts usual loose ladies) in Aussie Federal Parliament.

1972 - Trying to remove that pesky Aboriginal Tent Embassy by strong-arm means proved too difficult when the ACT Supreme Court declared the removal of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy illegal because the law that underpinned it had not been notified ‘in the prescribed manner’.

2010 - Crow-eater barrister and solicitor Penny Wong was sworn in as Minister for Finance and Deregulation in the Gillard Labo(u)r Cabinet.


  1. And the tent embassy remains - though Mr Rabbit may try and change that.
    In my experience of pigeons, the boy in question wouldn't have been discouraged for long...

  2. Is it Friday the thirteenth? God...I hope that doesn't mean a day full of cheesy seventies effects and people in William Shatner masks.

  3. There were women in government as far back as 1943? Good going Australia!

  4. It grates on me when I type Labor Party. I like the way you write it.