Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14 Stuff happened in Oz history, believe it or not!

Ahhh, watching the chooks gabbling about, nom-ing on their brekkie mash and chatting to me about their night time doings is so relaxing.
Collecting the bum nuts is also rewarding!

Last night, whilst out having a gasper with the hubby the dogs were all excited about a BIG possum leaping about the trees; they were straining on their tippy toes in a vain attempt to reach him in his lofty haven and I swear the grunting he let forth sounded just like cackling laughter at them *snort*

1970 - On a drear miserable drizzly grey day The Victorian branch of the ALP was given more than a slap on the wrist when it was disbanded in the TravelLodge Motel in St Kilda Road at 3pm by the federal executive after it was found guilty of breaching party rules over state aid to non-government schools, and because of its domination by the Trade Union Defence Committee.

2007 - In response to the Federal Government's Intervention in the NT a new non-governmental group was established titled the National Aboriginal Alliance.

1965 - A duet of earthquakes in Bass Strait just off the coast of the Otway Ranges at 10.34pm and 1053pm had them rockin' and shakin' to the tune of 5.7 and 5.0.

1796 - Gov Hunter got his knickers in a twist; he wrote a hissy-fit letter to the Colonial Secretary about John Macarthur's argumentative, quarrelsome and generally shit-stirring behaviour.

1968 - Despite the 1967 Referendum and more enlightened folk being heard Aboriginal activists Pastor Doug Nicholls and Charles Perkins were refused service at the lounge bar of the Crown Hotel in Cairns.

1865 - Political Prussian refugee Dr Richard Schomburk was appointed Big Chief aka Director of Adelaide's Botanic Gardens.
This chappie - who surely arrived by boat *gasp* - did much to enhance the natural beauty of the gardens; building a rose garden, the Palm House, Museum of Economic Botany and established the National Herbarium.


  1. No,no, no - he can't have come in by boat. No-one who arrives without an invitation has anything worth while to contribute. You know that.

  2. Um, stuff happened on Saturday 7th September 2013. The toilets at the Sunny Corner campground NSW were demolished.

    The elderish 'longdrops' have been there since ... nobody knows.

    Have pics of the 'before' and 'after' ... nobody really knows what the 'replacement(s)'... will be.

    (and yer, when the "progress" association members noticed me with a camera, was told, pretty much to "F... Off". Am guessing that the "Heritage" committee don't really care very much about anything prior to 2013).

  3. ... and yep .. local 'politics' is somewhat difficult when the bloke who controls the "Heritage" committee also controls the "Progress" association.

  4. I love watching chooks nomming about, sadly there aren't any near where I live now.

  5. The National Herbarium. Singing: "Oim Bayleaf oim the gard-ner, Oi work from earlie dawwwrn, Oim busy sweepin' ap the leaves an' tidyin' tha laww-aww-awwn."