Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16 Things in Oz History on This date

Ahhh, lovely spot of rain this morning, the bird life is very thankful as they whip through the flowers, trees and undergrowth and the chooks are chirping happily to themselves as they rip through the ground with those deadly T Rex talons of theirs.

1804 - Raise a tankard or two to the first and last (sold and privatised 2 years later) Aussie Govt owned brewery that opened on this day in Parramatta, not far from the first legal pub, The Mason Arms, which had flung open its doors in 1796.
A chappie by the moniker of James Squire had managed to grow the first crop of hops in 1804 for which he was awarded by the Govt a cow.

1956 - Ahh, for a nation addicted to sport the only thing that got that new fangled nonsense television happening was the 1956 Melbourne Summer Olympics; TCN-9 Sydney began test transmissions on this day before they unveiled their full party frock on 27 October.

1992 - A lawyer (who happened to be gay) was appointed to the NSW Police Board.
*gasp* Clutch your pearls, lovey, the police force didn't catch teh gay.
Amazing /sarcasm.

1848 - Miners at the South Oz Burra Burra Copper mine went on strike over the discrepancy of their pay; although police were sent to sort it out a peaceful result had been achieved by the mine company directors agreeing to meet and chat with the miners.
Karma bit the directors on the bum when, on leaving the meeting, their coach was observed to be travelling at a cracking pace and overturned, dumping the passengers on a dusty, dirty road.

2006 - In a ruling by the Supreme Court it was found that the Western Australian Indigenous Noongar People had survived as had their customary title to lands meant there was a case for Native Title, much to the then Labor Govt's upset.


  1. Thinking ahead, nothing of importance occurred in Australia on Sept 17 in the past 225 years, apart from a few floggings - hangings and rapes.

  2. We had the same lovely spot of rain, with a good strong wind thrown in for good measure.
    Had to laugh at the mine directors coach overturning and dumping them out like so much slag.

  3. Oh in todays Sydney and every day we have a few stabbings Od's and a traditional daily drive by shootings, bank hold ups,and not scores but thousands of reported forms of larceny.
    Few persons of teenage status will ever become OAP's.