Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17 Events in Oz History on this day

Lovely drop of rain!
The plants are flourishing, the chooks are brook-brook-brooking and I'm hoping to collect some delicious bum nuts from their boudoir shortly.
Have had to share my Granny Smith apples with Mz Pip the pup, she lurves apples.

1997 - Twas a Wednesday when Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett moved the following motion in the Legislative Assembly to apologise to the Aboriginal people...
 "That this house apologises to the Aboriginal people on behalf of all Victorians for the past policies under which Aboriginal children were removed from their families and expresses deep regret at the hurt and distress this has caused and reaffirms its support for reconciliation between all Australians."

1887 - The Port Arthur Penal Colony, which had started life as a timber-getting camp in 1830, was closed down as transportation of those naughty convicts had ceased in 1853 and the small number of remaining convict chappies were old and infirm, and it cost the Govt a motza to run.

1975 - The Crow Eater State aka South Oz became the first Australian state to fully decriminalise homosexual acts.

1855 - Just offshore from Cape Schanck a 5.5 earthquake rattled everyone awake at 2.50am causing minor  damage throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas.
Strong shaking creakings, clatterings and grindings of objects on the surface of the earth was observed at Collingwood, St Kilda and Windsor. 


  1. We are having your lovely drop here today (and last night). And I can see it doing bucket loads of good.

    I like Kennet's apology too.

  2. A pup that likes apples! This I have to see, video please. Or photos.
    Good old Jeff Kennett, doing the right thing.