Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18 Stuff. History. Oz. You know the drill

Am enjoying a lovely cuppa and planning an omelette to decimate the growing mound of googie eggs that are accumulating in the kitchen.
I can't wait to move to Dunolly; only having 2 chooks at the moment, although we are allowed 5, I want to have a mob of mixed breeds terrifying the grubs in my backyard...either on Broadway or one street back...within walking distance of the Royal Hotel...and the Library Truck....and the blissful op shop...nomming on eggs each morning, noon and night.

1970 - A second Vietnam Moratorium march was held around The Fair Isle of Oz with over 100,000 taking part; 200 people were arrested in Sydney and 100 in Adelaide.

1899 - The 42.50 kms long Birchip to Woomelang railway line opened.
See, kiddies, back in the day there used to be railway lines built, it really wasn't an urban myth.

1996 - The Transgender Lobby Coalition (TLC) took legal action against the Gender Centre after eight nominees in the Centres upcoming management committee elections were disallowed.
1979 - The Corcoran Labo(u)r Govt of South Oz was kicked to the kerb which halted any proclamation of the promised Aboriginal Heritage Act 1979 which, in turn, stopped its commencement.
The newly elected Liberal Govt announced it would instead draft an entirely new Act after consultations with Aboriginal Communities.

1860 - Twas a Tuesday when Legislation passed as easily through the Council like a packet of prunes to prohibit gatherings of 50 or more people within a "half mile block" of Parliament House. This was in response to a riot weeks earlier by those irksome plebeians protesting against unfair land ownership by squatters. 
Rioters smashed windows in both houses and generally threatened Parliamentarians and police alike.
Tsk, tsk. 
Another consequence of the riot were two gun emplacements built into the new west facade of the Parliament building to keep the peasants in line.


  1. How long before you move to Dunolly? Soon I hope.

  2. Echoing Elephant's Child, I hope you move soon.
    Want to use up those eggs? I can send you a recipe for lemon chiffon cake. It uses 5 egg yolks and 8 egg whites. (Use the spare egg yolks in scrambled eggs).
    You've got an angel food cake tine, right?

  3. Ahh, another 2 -3 years before we make the move, EC and River, gotta wait til the Feral Teen has finished secondary school then sell this house.

    I can use up the eggs no worries without any cakes, River, LOL, hmmmm, lovely, yummy eggs!