Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19 Battling V/Line & stuff in history

I direct your eyes to peruse the article HERE which states that V/Line is closing all its ticketing agencies, including that at the Dunolly RTC.
The difficulties this presents to residents is fully covered in the article but for myself this means I am completely unable to book or obtain tickets as there are no internet ticketing options for those with a Vision Impaired Travel Pass, Companion Card or any other types of Travel Passes.
The buses will not stop to collect passengers unless they are previously booked on the bus, to travel to Maryborough (only staffed twice a day) or Bendigo (90min round trip in a car) railway stations involves the use of a car or the aforesaid bus and you can't get a booking or ticket on the damn bus!
So, effectively isolating people in Dunolly.

1970 - The Australian published the article “Couples” about John Ware, Christobel Poll, their partners, and CAMP.
And no one caught teh gay.

1876 - The Bendigo to Bridgewater railway line was opened, almost a whole 40 kms of railway line infrastructure!
And anyone could get a ticket.

2006 - A federal court ruling granted one of the nation’s largest native title claims to Perth and its surrounds (three times the size of Tasmania) to the Noongar Aboriginal people. The then West Australian government instantly appealed the ruling.

1981 - The pro-gay ALP candidate Fred Miller won the State seat of Bligh.
Again no one caught teh gay.

1971 - The final, last ever tram in Ballarat trundled back to the Wendouree Depot for the final, last ever time.
Tram services were replaced with buses. Hmph.
At least they could still get a bloody ticket.

1921 - In September 1921, two permits to employ Aborigines were forwarded to the Western Australian Chief Protector of Aborigines, AO Neville. The permits allowed Miss Yuanho Quan Sing of Derby in north-western Western Australia to engage the services of two individuals: ‘Bobbydol’ and ‘Roebourne Annie’. The permits had been authorised by the Resident Magistrate and local Protector of Aborigines, William Hodge. In a memo on this day A.O Neville stated ‘Miss Quan Sing was told ... you could not grant her a permit to employ [A]boriginals’, explained the covering note, ‘but not withstanding this & the cancellation of her permit last year, she persists in her endeavour to obtain the privilege of employing natives’.


  1. What an unbelievably stupid and insensitive move closing the ticketing agencies is. People with no understanding making stupid, stupid rules. I hope this is overturned quickly.

  2. "effectively isolating people in Dunolly"

    So we can get to Dunolly but never leave? I should buy a bigger suitcase, just in case I want to visit you, I'll need to bring all my clothes....

    Are there no booking options at all?