Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2 Todays History Oz Style

Crappy back is crappy again.
We won't mention the idiot who thought she could lift and move a strawberry pot full of strawberry plants (and dirt).
And we won't mention the idiot who thought she could follow that up with moving two more tomato pots.
We will mention that the aforesaid idiot has, perhaps, learned her lesson and will henceforth recline on her arse and order her minions about.

1973 - Helen Reddy was top of the charts in Oz with Delta Dawn.
You're welcome for the earworm.

1912 -  It was a Saturday and the very first Wattle Day was held in Melbourne.
Plenty of wattle about before then but the inhabitants had just noticed it, apparently, and linked its appearance with the first day of Spring.

1995 - The LGBT newspaper The Sydney Star Observer, published fortnightly from 1979, became a weekly publication.

By the way, the seasons in Australia were not determined by any natural event or old country tradition; they simply decided the official change of seasons would be marked down when the Brit Troops received their new uniforms every 3 months.
Which is why they don't play it sensible and follow the 6 seasons of the Aboriginal People....cos that would be too sensible.

1835 - JH Wedge got his knickers in a twist and warned His Peeps that new settlers were trespassing *gasp* on land Batman 'bought' from the Aboriginal People.

2003 - Speaking of the local Aboriginal People John Landy launched the first Aboriginal Culture Centre in Melbourne with the offical opening of the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre in King Street.


  1. And is also why we don't change our seasons at the solstices - which would make a lot more sense than the first of the month.
    Hiss and spit for your poor back - and yay for minions. Work them hard.

  2. This is intriguing, where can I find a similar calendar for the Adelaide area?