Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20 Yarns and Yarnz on this day

Got my groove on and my yen for yarn answered when we tottled off to Spotlight.
Ahhh, bliss, the lovely, soft, cuddly yarns *my preciousssss*
As we went through the checkout the bloke on the register chatted up the front of me LOL.
1983 - The Gay Business Association Rally for gay rights and candelight rally to the State Parliament was a culmination of the Embassy protest. 

 1967 - The cover of Go-Set pop newspaper this day reported on Normie Rowe being called up for the Vietnam War.

1892 - Charlie Flannigan, Indigenous drover and winning jokey of Cygnet in the 1887 Palmerston Cup, from Richmond Downs, QLD, was arrested for the murder of  white stockman Samuel Croker and became the first man hanged in Fannie Bay Gaol Darwin the following year.
1994 - The NSW Liquor Act was amended to accommodate the Sleaze Ball by allowing a special Governor’s License to be granted to ‘significant community events such as festivals, concerts, sporting events and so on’.
All without the Queen interfering! 

1869 - On the Monday in question the young pup John Alexander MacPherson began wearing the tiara of Victorian Premier at the tender age of 35 years and 11 months.

1934 - On this day in the political newspaper titled Labor Call was published the article by Anna Morgan "Under the Black Flag" which tells of the Indigenous life constricted by government regulations.


  1. I do love the education you are giving me.
    What are you planning on making with that preciousss yarn? And, like Bubbles Fisher, I want to know what colours it comes in...

  2. 1967; my first hubby was the Corporal who taught Normie Rowe and the other new recruits how to strip down, clean and reassemble their rifles. That's his story anyway. I didn't know him then, I met him two years later when he'd just come back from Vietnam.

  3. Fannie Bay? Seriously? Or is it just a berthing spot?