Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21 Oz history on this day


1880 - A tsunami that got its groove on in Chile had the Romsey Ripple Riders racing for their boards as a series of waves was recorded at Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour.

1992 - The Off Our Backs Report on waves of anti-lesbian violence was launched at Parliament House by Police Minister Ted Pickering.

1844 - Water again vented its fury when the River Torrens flooded; market gardens, bridges and a dairy were amongst the damage not forgetting the complete destruction of Shands Brewery, for as they scrambled to safety the good citizens of the Colony of South Oz saw casks, bottles and brewing equipment swept away in the raging torrent of the Torrens.

1851 - At the Ballarat gold diggings Commissioner Doveton explained the new miners licencing fee which attracted a wave of angry mobs; when the first diggers attempted to pay the fee they were pelted and hit forcing the Native Police to step in and protect them from serious injury.

2000 - Another wave, this time of controversy, when French athlete Marie-Jose Perec bolted from the starting gates so early as to not compete at all in the 2000 Syd-on-knee Olympics.

1932 - Seismic Waves were out in force during the 4.0 earthquake (or rather, aftershock) that hit Benalla at 3.30pm which threw people from their seats and caused much damage to buildings in its 5 mins duration.

1922 - During a solar eclipse on this day the Wirangu People of South Oz believed the hand of a spirit man, a maamu-waddi, was waved to cover the earth to give privacy to the Sun woman and Moon man to be husband and wife together.


  1. Most ancient History is a beatup.
    Modern Herstory mainly feminine fiction.

  2. I have heard much sillier (and less charming) reasons for eclipses.

  3. Lots os waves today. Here's another.
    Hi Jayne * waves*