Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22 Oz stuff, history, birds

I have a very cheeky wattle bird darting about my bright blue Echium flower spires having a grand old time slurping up the nectar and whatever else a wattle bird fancies for brekkie.
He/she sometimes sits on a garden arch and does the whole beak clacking call which is either,
"Grubs up!"
"Ner, ner, ner ,ner, ner, I've got a tasty morsel and you haven't...and just you make sure you stay away!"
It doesn't seem to mind the stupid pink monkeys watching its dance about the flowers, coming within a couple of feet of stickybeaking humans and furbabies.
More doctors should prescribe watching birds, it's very relaxing!

1967 - A new drama series about Aussie customs and excise police, titled Contrabandits, debuted on the ABC.

1904 - Just before 10pm on Thursday night Korumburra residents were shaken by a minor earthquake.

1882 - The Garden Palace, built mainly of timber and located in the Sydney Botanic Gardens for the 1879 Sydney International Exhibition, sadly burnt to the ground in the wee hours of this day taking with it more than 3,000 irreplaceable artefacts of the Sydney Aboriginal People.


  1. I have never met a wattle bird who wasn't cheeky. And ours swoop the cats, and sometimes me. And wake up considerably before sparrow fart. And I love them.
    The loss of the Garden Palace is awful.

  2. Love the bird antics.
    Sad about the irreplaceable artefacts, were they at least photographed before the fire?