Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24 Plenty of Oz stuff to make up for yesterday

Apologies, dear reader, for missing yesterdays installment of prattle; I'd managed to snaffle the spouse and drag him off to my preferred 2nd home, Spotlight, for some more yummy yarn goodness and by the time I'd finished grabbing everything in sight carefully selecting the yarns on special, did some shopping with the aforementioned spouse, shampooed the carpet and whinged about my back ( I won't mention the wrist, elbow and shoulder pain that had me awake through the night which left me doing a faint after getting a panadol)  the brain was too exhaustipated (too tired to give a shit) for what happened on 23rd Sept in Oz history.
Which is a shame cos as I've trawled through my online sources today there was a shed load of interesting things that we Aussies got up to...but nevermind, today is just as good.
I hope.

1969 - Aussie band The Easybeats, faced with mounting debts, exhaustion, and unhappy with management began a 5 week Aussie tour in Toowoomba that turned out to be their last ever.

1978 - The Gay Trade Unionists Group held its first meeting.

1977 - The 81st VFL Grand Final was not only telecast live in Victoria by the Channel 7 network for the first time but it ended in a draw between North Melbourne and Collingwood.
The replay of the match a week later was won by North Melbourne by 27 points.

1928 - During the Coniston Massacre  on this day Constable Murray led a party from Broadmeadows Station that resulted in many more fatal encounters for the Walpiri people.

2003 - But 75 years on from the massacre a coming together of those who remembered and survived, and descendants unveiled a monument to the massacre.

1966 - Eleven years earlier St Kilda managed to thrash Collingwood in the VFL Grand Final.

1948 - In swings and roundabouts over the ditch and this side - Garth Porter of Aussie band Sherbert was pupped in Hamilton, NZ while later on....

1983 - saw Liam Finn, of Kiwi Finn fame dropped off by the stork this side of the ditch in Melbourne.


  1. Exhaustipated is a most excellent word. I don't like the sound of the things your body is doing to you. Take care of yourself.

  2. "descendants unveiled a monument", nice to have them acknowledged, but a shame the massacre happened in the first place.
    Here's a tip: don't shampoo any more carpets, hand that job to the spouse. I have similar troubles just from sweeping the floor.