Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25 Frogs and bombs and spears, oh my!

A pretty mixed bag for you, gentle reader, to explore to your hearts content.

2000 - That golden gal of Aussie running Cathy Freeman rocketed home to win the women's 400m gold at the Syd-on-knee Olympics.

1957 - They were popping the big ones at Maralinga on this day with the second of three atomic bombs going off like a frog in a sock.

1998 - Twas a Friday in this year when explosions rocked the Victorian gas plant at Sale with 2 dead and 8 badly injured.

1944 - The Australian Chemical Warfare Research and Experimental Section was disbanded and reorganised as 1 Australian Field Experimental Station.

1788 - Eora people threw spears at a fishing boat crew after they gave them only tiddlers instead of the bigger fish they'd caught.
2010 - The Tenth Australian Homosexual Histories Conference, held in Sydney, was a great success.

1971  - that years VFL Grand Final played witness to St Kilda being done like a dogs dinner by Hawthorn.

1996 - The Mount Baw Baw area of Victoria was shakin' all over not to The Wild One but to the 5.0 earthquake that came from the Thomson Dam region.

1830 - The Hobart Gazette published Lt Govt Arthur's order for the whole community to rabble together to capture the 'hostile tribes' in Tassie ; this was the push to drive the Indigenous inhabitants onto the Tasman Peninsula.

Don't forget!
This years Australian Homosexual Histories Conference is being held at Melbourne Uni in November, see HERE for more details. 


  1. "1788; Eora people threw spears..."

    I might have done the same. Imagine catching a big fish and anticipating a good dinner, then suddenly finding all you've got is a plate of Hors Douevres.

    I'm not sure of the spelling there and can't be bothered looking it up.

  2. One hopes the people who were so ungenerous with their fish learned their lesson. Without much bloodshed.

  3. The explosion was 1998? Boy, the more olderer I get the more distorted my recollections of where I was when.

    No, I do not remember where I was when JFK was shot. Who?

    Of course, my longer term memory is still pretty good. No wonder I don't like fishing!