Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 26 History stuff and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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I'll be internet-less this coming week, so don't panic if there are no prattling updates and history stuff from Saturday onwards.
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1980 - Built in 1859 the West End Brewery saw its very last delivery of beer from its Hindley Street property today before this, the last city brewery, was shifted to the Southwark premises of South Australian Brewery Company.

1970 - A bit of a mob, 121,696  (give or take the stray mascot) turned out to see the VFL Grand Final thrashed out between Carlton and Collingwood at the MCG with Carlton winning by 10 points.

1893 - Report of the board inquiring into the theft of the Victorian Parliamentary Mace was tabled in the Legislative Assembly.  
The findings were never published.
*cue conspiracy theories*

1925 - The Negro World was a weekly newspaper established in 1918 and it often reported on the dire conditions of Australia's Indigenous people; on this day the newspaper published the article 'Killing off the Black Australians’.
The article explained that a great number of Aboriginal people were confined to
government reserves ‘and were being rapidly aided by so-called civilised man to join 
the extinct types’.

"It is hardly believable that the white rulers of Australia, who have taken the country 
by force from the blacks, as they took the North American continent from the Red 
Men, have dealt with the black natives in a spirit of exterminating them root and 
branch, and with no regard whatsoever for the humanities."


  1. Ahh, the speaker's mace. The original design no doubt came from the brain of someone with penis envy. Fitting that the Vic mace could have ended up in a brothel.

  2. " regard whatsoever for the humanities." Let's hope there were at least a few who cared.
    Have a nice break.

  3. Hindley Street brewery. So that is how it got its reputation.

  4. To the victor the spoils.
    Think your self lucky Germany or and Japan lost the war re WW2.

    The possibilities were that the extinction of indiginous peoples was in the agenda, who were considered even less worth than those who died in the holocaust.