Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27 Footy and death

What a miserable collection of stuffs for today!
Just remember, it happened in the past and we must learn from it.
Especially the crappy VFL results.

I shall be offline for a week starting tomorrow so don't send out the cavalry,  I'll just be naval gazing and meditating to the hum of the bees.

1975 - Jack Lang, "The Big Fella", controversial former NSW Premier and brother in law to poet Henry Lawson, shuffled off this mortal coil just a few months shy of his 99th birthday.

1969 - Carlton was done over by Richmond in the VFL Grand Final.

1975 - North Melbourne downed Hawthorn to win the VFL Grand Final that year.

1956 - Operation Buffalo was a series of 4 nuclear tests at Maralinga begun on this day; contrary to official reports at the time subsequent research found troops were ordered to run, crawl and walk through contaminated areas and that large numbers of Aboriginal People had also been exposed to the fall-out.


  1. Hiss and spit to the 1956 news. I don't give a rats about VFL so that leaves me cold.
    Have a wonderful time meditating to the bees.

  2. The Maralinga tests hurt so many, there were people in the area that no one knew about, or they knew and didn't care, or they just didn't realise the fallout would be so immense.

    I'm not a footy fan either, but GO FREO!! My brother and his partner have flown over from Freo to see the game, so I told them I would wear my purple socks for the day.

  3. Naval Gazing; Er chatting up a sailor I presume.Lucky you. Enjoy.

  4. We in the premier state of NSW have Thugby league to dislike.
    Recently the judiciary have been giving the game a bashing. One DC Judge labeling fans -
    "not the most intelligent members of the community".