Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3 In and out in Oz history

What a refreshing change to see such a LIVELY Q & A from Kevin Rudd last night!
And didn't he put that homophobic pastor back in his box!
If you missed it you can go watch it HERE.

Then again I did vote for the XYZ Party....right after some bimbo from the Family First trolls tried to accost me as I was attempting to climb out of the wheelchair (I did mention the crappy back was crappy) and had I not been focusing on getting my feet under me to actually hold up my carcass from the footpath I may have told said bimbo where to stick the papers she was shoving in mine face.

Same as some other party (Libs, maybe? Blue t-shirt, too busy looking at my feet)  dimwit who fronted me on the stairs - yes, getting in the way of a person with a walking stick struggling on stairs is such an advertisement for how your party understands disabilities - and asked,
"Voting today?"
I just want to go back and say to the silly cow,
"No, actually I'm here to knit a fucking jumper. You?"
1963 - After rejecting the anti-mining Yirrkala bark petitions the Federal Govt appointed a select committee on the grievances of the Aboriginal People at Gove Peninsula; the committee visited Yirrkala from 1-3 September and tabled their report in Parliament the following month.

Today is Australian National Flag Day; Toby Tosspot Barton aka our first Prime Minister announced the decision of the flag design on this day in 1901.
Eliza Russell, milliner and dressmaker from Dunolly, was to sew the first ever Australian Flag.
See? Told ya Dunolly was the Centre of The Universe!

1968 - The earliest reference to homosexuals in Monash University student newspaper Lot's Wife was a delightful ?! feature on venereal disease with headings like "Queers et el" and "Pox ridden homos".
I'm sure the 'writers' got a good dose of Blue Waffle after that.

1939 - Another world war declared with Oz in boots and all.


  1. I am very glad that our Kevin has learnt. Has the other fella? Probably not.
    As well as gross insensitivity the other thing that gets me ballistic with rage is people talking slowly and loudly to me when I am walking badly. They might keep their brains in their feet, I don't.

  2. Here to knit a jumper - snort.

    EC - people still do things like that? Didn't they see that ad where a woman in wheelchair goes into a shop, pops a can of softdrink and someone drops a coin into it?

    How to vote cards - nothing more irritating than a pushy zealot.

  3. "No, I'm actually here to knit a f****** jumper".
    I think you should have said it and I may use a similar sentence. something along the lines of just being there to people watch.
    First I'm going to befuddle them and take every single leaflet handed to me. Let them wonder.