Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4 More Oz history stuff

I cannot get used to typing September yet...just as I do it'll turn into October and we'll have to start this waltz all over again.
Seriously, where has the year gone?
It'll be Christmas and the New Year next time I blink!

1997 - Harold Thomas, an artist, was recognised by the Federal Court as the original designer and copyright owner of the Aboriginal Flag.

1869 - They were all popping their clogs on this day with co-founder of Bearbrass aka Melbourne John Pascoe Fawkner turning up his toes and in
1928 - George Swinburne laying down for his eternal rest in the Legislative Council chamber in Melbourne Parliament.
I always said politics was a dodgy game.

1897 - Essendon won the first VFL (later AFL) Premiership.
Let us take a moment to reflect on this irony...and chuckle.

1992 - Night of Your Life a book on Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras photography was launched at the POD Gallery, Sydney.

1967 - A brand new 30 mins morning current affairs magazine-style program was pupped on this day at 8am on ABC Radio 2; titled AM the original host was Robert Peach (cousin to the recently departed Bill Peach).


  1. Wash your mouth out. I am so not ready to think about Christmas yet.

    And politics isn't dangerous enough. If it was, perhaps some of the current oxygen thieves would retire.

  2. Elephant's Child voiced my thoughts, but please, go ahead and wash your mouth out again, you cheeky thing.