Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5 Oz history on this day

My rhubarb is up!
No, that's not a euphemism, get your minds out of the gutter you smutty things.
My rhubarb has finally decided to awaken after its winter slumber and is standing tall, ruby red and delicious.
Don't need a crystal ball to know there's going to be apple and rhubarb crumble happening in my near future.

1699 - William Dampier was one of the first Wallys to not discover The Fair Isle of Oz and one of the first to not make contact with the Indigenous People he had dubbed "the miserablest people in the world" when he popped in 11 years earlier. On todays date Willy the Wally paddled away from Roebuck Bay having failed to find any fresh water...for lack of asking "the miserablest people in the world".

1978 - Genealogists and historians shouted hooray on this day when then-Premier Rupert Hamer officially opened the new Public Records Office facilities at Laverton.
Ahhh, and we've been blessing his little cotton socks ever since.

1992 - Susan Harben was elected as President of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, an office she held until stepping down in July 1994.

1896 - Twas a Tuesday when 10 chickybabe doctors got together over the sherry and cigars at Dr Constance Stones abode in East Melbourne and plotted to take over the world the creation of the Queen Victoria Hospital for Women.

1987 - Another knees up that consisted of more than sherry and cigars was the annual Sleaze Ball held in the Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney, with almost 6,000 party people attending.

1974 - While workmen were testing out a new boiler for the cruel, inhumane Magdalene Laundry at Mount St Canice Convent in Hobart it exploded akin to a "1,000 pound bomb" killing 8 and injuring up to 21, resulting in the closure of the convent.
I think God had had a gutful.
News footage HERE.


  1. What forward-thinking women they were, not only beating the system to become doctors in the first place, but plotting to take over the care of women.

    There is no question the Queen Vic had decayed, but I'm glad they left the entrance as a monument to the place of my birth.

  2. The boiler explosion was scary and tragic stuff. I don't remember it.

    Ah Sleaze Ball, so sleazy.

    I like plenty of sugar in my cooked rhubarb, thanks.

  3. I love those forward thinking 'hussies', FC :)

  4. I've seen the photos, Andrew, sleaze is such a mild description *snort*