Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7 Stuff on Aussie history on this day

Today is my Dad's birthday so there may be chocolate cake in the immediate future to celebrate the old bugger even if he's not here with us in the flesh.
There will toasts of strong black tea with perhaps a single spoonful of sugar, just as he preferred.

More rhubarb has done the whole Lazarus thing and popped up from the sleepy soil!
Salivating as I tend the vegie pots, plotting their demise in a delicious dish, hmmmm.

My coffee has gone cold, brb.
OK, back again.
Where was I?
Oh, waffling on about fluff.
Ignoring The Big Elephant In The Room...that voting thing.

1993 - The South Sydney Council established a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Committee.

1876 - One of Dad's, and mine, favourite author and poet C.J Dennis was dropped off by the stork on this day at a pub in Auburn, South Oz.

1975 - A Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) and Gay Liberation Front counter-demonstration outnumbered a rally organised by Anglican Dean Lance Shilton and Festival of Light in the Domain.

1934 - The Argus reported on this day,
Defeated at Lake Tyers The Melbourne Grammar School football team, which is visiting Lakes Entrance, played against the Lake Tyers Aboriginal station team on the Lakes Entrance oval in aid of the Adams appeal. Lake Tyers led by six points at three-quarter time, and eventually won, 8-14 to  5-3.

1973 - Gay Pride Week began prancing about in Melbourne; running until the 14th it included a Gay Pride Demo, Gay Films, Celebration Dances, Speakouts and Surprises.

1923 - Saw the instigation of a Royal Commission into the joinery supplied to the War Office.
Yes, really.
Can't find any details online but someone, somewhere was up to No Good with the cabinet makers!!!

1933 - Another Royal Commission was announced but this time in Westralia where the Premier agreed there should be investigation of the 'alleged' mistreatment of the Aborigines (sic) and the Aboriginal Department.

With all these Royal Commissions you'd think there'd be more Queens frolicking about the place.

So, now I shall leave you to do whatever it is that's on your must-do list today.
After a night of murder mysteries last night - Miss Fisher followed by Scott and Bailey then Vera : Sanddancers on channel 13th Street, I shall hope Father Brown has a suitably gruesome mess to clean up tonight!


  1. I love CJ Dennis too - thanks for the reminder. Rereading required I think...
    And I hope the chocolate cake sweetens the rest of the day...

  2. "strong" black tea? one sugar won't do it, for me just pour the tea straight into the sugar pot, thanks.

    I did the voting thing early to get it out of the way.
    Lovely to hear your rhubarb is growing, I think my daughter's is dead or close to it. I took some pieces to start my own patch and they're doing okay, but none is growing at her place now.

  3. I've heard lots of good things about Tony Abbott.

    Unfortunately they were all in the Murdoch press.