Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9 Oz History is baaaack

Yes, like a bad penny or a bad smell I've returned to the interwebs.
Stop wailing, I can hear you from here.

Pottered at the Oakleigh Sunday Market yesterday (which almost made up for missing the Dunolly Market...almost but not quite), got some gorgeous vegies at a new Farmers stall, delicious looking rhubarb to compliment my few stalks and some beautifully fresh cabbage for coldstraw (coleslaw, old family joke), carrots, apples, etc.
Picked up some Lambs Ears - no, it's a decorative plant, not offal for the Tribe - and can. not. stop fondling them, so soft, velvety and tactile!
Now I finally get their popularity!
Yeah, yeah, I'm a slow learner, get over it *snort*

1884 - Rejoice!
The North Melbourne to Coburg Railway Line was flung open, a whole 8.15kms of new track for the great unwashed to travel upon!
I hope those in the Parliamentary Library are reading...and nudging their members.

1995 - The Indigenous or What (IOW) group was launched with aims to combat myths and educate about Indigenous People in Oz, also to provide support to Indigenous People.

1948 - The Rooty Hill Ripple Riders were hangin' 10 when the NSW coast was washed with a tsunami that originated in the Tonga Trench.

1967 - Following the momentous Federal Referendum of 4 months previous The Office of Aboriginal Affairs was established.

2010 - The Adoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill was approved by the NSW Legislative Council after the Legislative Assembly approved it on 2 September 2010 when both NSW Premier Kristina Keneally and Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell allowed a conscious vote on the Bill (hope you're taking notes, Tony).
The Act allows same-sex couples living in a de facto or registered relationship to adopt jointly, as well as to adopt their partner's children (step-child adoption). 

I wasn't going to mention the dreadful results of the weekend but I can't help myself it's just too, too awful.
The Tigers losing!
The Cats going down to Freo!
The Magpies being roasted by Port!
And, worst of all, Swannies being kicked to the kerb!!!!!
Oh, the horror, the humanity!
Why, oh, why won't someone think of the children?!


  1. Hooray for conscience votes - though I am not sure that all of our pollies are familiar with their conscience. Not sure at all...

  2. In a moment of oddness, I too mentioned the railway to Coburg in today's post, the Upfield line.

  3. Me? Wailing? Never. I love you. okay, going back to read the post now.

  4. Yay Freo!!
    My brother lives there.
    When he's home.

    I love lamb's ears, they remind me of velvet. It grows very well here in Adelaide, I've seen quite a bit.

  5. LOL EC

    Loved your post, Andrew, lovely spirit.

    LOL River.

  6. To all -
    Blogger is being a poo and I can't post any new posts until it sees fit to rectify whatever needs rectifying.
    I'm posting my daily history stuffs on the Facebook pages of both Dunolly & District History and Our Great Southern Land.
    Hopefully I'll be able to get back into posting shortly!