Friday, October 25, 2013

Dunolly Doings in History

 photo f247090f-4287-41b8-93c4-3ceac78fad13_zpsd7f34484.jpgCoz I loves ya all sooooo much today you get the show bag of goodies.

October 25 On this day in Dunolly History....
1856 Daly’s Store at Long Gully was targeted by a woman, who claimed to have walked from Dunolly, as she passed a counterfeit 10 pound note when she purchased goods. The fraud was soon discovered and the woman traced to Dead Dog Gully where she was eventually arrested.

1859 MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE.-Mr. Peter Sloane, who has figured several times lately at the Dunolly Police Court, in some disputes relative to claims on his private property, has been missing since Saturday 22nd, He left his house as usual that morning, apparently for the purpose of attending to his duties on the farm. Since then he has not been seen ; and although every search has been made, no traces of him have been discovered What makes the matter more strange is, that at the time he left, he had no money with him.

1870 A French watchmaker, named Charpoit, has died at Dunolly, Vic, from a fit of apoplexy occasioned by hearing of the news of the French reverses.
(They went down faster than a dead dingo in the Franco-Prussian War).

1892 103 foxes have been destroyed since the last monthly meeting of the council, with 30 pounds paid in bonuses on the skins. Only a dozen of the pest were fully grown.

1899 The Argus copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica was made to the Laanecoorie Mechanics Institute, this was instigated by the Marong Shire Council with Councillor Allan presenting a handsome wooden case for the books.

1901 Great damage to crops from storms; many trees were cut down by lightning with a large piece of tree trunk thrown a great distance.

1947 Former Dunolly residents held a reunion at the Fitzroy gardens.


  1. What happened to the woman who scammed the ten Quid note?

  2. Will you be at the reunion? Have a sausage sizzle snag for me, lots of onions, not too much sauce. In fact skip the sausage altogether, just fill that bread with onions. OK?
    Then a little Devonshire tea mid afternoon.....perfect.

  3. Was Mr Sloane ever found?
    And I am with River - have an onion sandwich for me too. (I am so happy to have found another addict.)

  4. It's Strange how some Women turn against the Sausage and become sour old onions, yet some ladies never tire of the good old Sausage.

  5. Oh I forgot to say " I am not into dried up onion rings - gave them up a few years ago".

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    BTW read the first syllable in confectioners.