Wednesday, October 16, 2013

G'day, lovelies

Back again!
Been busy packing up books for the bookcases to travel to Dunolly via the super groovy removalists - who arrived on time!
The house is starting to look empty although I'm finding more and more damn dust that's crept in under stuff.
Had the robot hoover doin' its thang while sneezing like a demented Daffy Duck, mopped the floors, scrubbed the stove and parked my arse on the couch for some quality crochet time.
I've got several WIP (works in progress) but I'm concentrating on a multi-coloured (mainly pink hued) patchwork crochet blankie that I may remember to photograph before it gets sent to Dunolly, sold, given away or hidden in the linen press until we move.

This Saturday 19th October is the Dunolly History Tour to the St Arnaud Bible Museum, along with their gorgeous butterflies, lunch in the Gardens and then...onto a Mystery Spot!
Taking off like a frog in a sock from outside the Dunolly Museum at 10am in cars, BYO lunch and a drink.
And cameras!

Sunday is the Inaugural Dunolly Ute Show &Swap Meet
  photo dsm_zps8e1c686a.jpg


  1. Tradespeople who arrive on time? Almost unheard of.
    And books breed dust.

  2. A patchwork crochet blankie? Please please take photos for us, I'd love to see it.
    The Ute thingy sounds like fun, but I'll have to give it a miss, I need to stay home for a few weeks and visit my dentist, plus I've signed up for a creative writing course.
    Now was it you sneezing like a demented Daffy or was it the robovac?

  3. Oooh - how excitement - last time I moved, the removalists were 4 hours late turning up - and 2 days late at the other end... Let us hope there timeliness means they follow that through at all points.