Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11 On this day in Aussie history

Morning all!
Lovely day for it...whatever 'it' is.
Ready to rock the weekend?
Friday drink drinks planned?
Chips n dips or chips n fish on the menu?
Alrighty, then, let's babble about the things that took place on this day.
Or not.
I'm open to starting a stitch n bitch group instead...!

2000 A rollicking 5.5 strength earthquake made the earth move for the Indian Ocean a mere 230 kms from Exmouth in West Oz.

1987 The tools in power closed the Flinders Street to Port Melbourne Railway line on this day, then later they waved their magic wand and turned it into a tram line.
Which is so popular it should really be a train line...wait...!

1922 Theo Strehlow recorded events and happenings of this day from Central Oz, including occurrences leading up to the decrease in Aboriginal populations.
This is now in blog format, today's entry can be read HERE.


  1. stitch'n'bitch group? I wouldn't be any good at that.
    as for 1987...well, tut tut, you tools.

  2. Re the rail closure, yes, it was premature. The demand is now so high that it cannot be met by a tram service unless the trams are super huge, rather like a train really.