Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13 On this day in Oz history

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1874 A tidal wave was thundering about at Port Davey in Tassie after an earthquake that shook the bejebus out of houses.

1920 Twas a Wednesday when Wireless telephony was first demonstrated at Parliament House, Melbourne to Federal MPs and others by Ernest Fisk of AWA where a broadcast was heard in Queen's Hall from a private home in Brighton. Distinguished guests were given a lecture and at 7pm the performance began with the first musical item on radio, Miss L. Walker (recent winner of a Melba scholarship) singing 'Advance Australia Fair', applicable as Dame Nellie had sung it herself in an experimental broadcast in England.
Please note, junior readers under 40, that 'wireless' used to refer to something other than computer communications.


  1. You know about 'olden time' stuff like radios? Wow.

  2. 1920 to 2013, that's less than a hundred years, yet look how far telephones have advanced!
    Ha Ha at EC, I remember radios too, we had one in the corner of the lounge room, (before we got a TV), it was two feet wide and about four feet tall.