Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22 and stuffs

Yes, I've been incredibly slack and, judging by my past record, this won't be the last time I wander away from the keyboard cos of....oh, shiny!
Crocheting madly cos I've got another project in mind and had a fabulously wonderful time on the recent Dunolly History tour to St Arnaud on the weekend.
You really should try to get along to the next one, very informative and super friendly mob of peeps.

Now, stuffs what happened today were...

1965 - A demonstration against the Vietnam War was held in Sydney with 65 people being arrested.

1999 - The leader of the National Party, Pat McNamara announced the (state) National Party would split from the coalition which they had formed with the (state) Liberal Party in 1990.
 Didn't last long.

2007 - It was reported that Swedish museum officials handed back the Aboriginal remains of 10 people which had been illegally smuggled out of Australia 100 years before.

1956 - Part of the British nuclear tests was codenamed Breakaway; exploded on this day was 10.8 kilotonnes of TNT (45 TJ) from a tower.
You can google the images and see what a mess was made.


  1. Britain had nuclear tests?
    Huh. Did not know that.

  2. They were the British nuclear tests at Maralinga, River.

  3. I knew about the tests but must have forgotten they were British.