Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29 Wot 'appened on this 'ere day

So....dear reader, we meet once again!
Slap my wrist and call me tardy (or in Nelson's case, Hardy) I've been distracted with stuffs.

1929 Black Tuesday it was that saw the Wall Street Crash that began the Great Depression; The Fair Isle of Oz was hit hard by this 'overseas event' and due to massive foreign debt the Bank of England  sent Sir Otto Niemeyer,  to persuade the Australian Government to slash government spending, cancel public works, cut public service salaries and decrease welfare benefits which became known as the "Melbourne Agreement".
Thankfully they did just that!
And Oz recovered so much more slowly than other countries.
What a shame the Rudd/Gillard Govt didn't follow this example with the recent GFC - to think, we, too, could be so much worse off...just like "the good old days".

1977 Victoria Railways passed the baton of managing  "Puffing Billy" to the Emerald Tourist Railway Board.
Toot, toot.

2002 The Newcastle Town Hall played host the the 5th Homosexual Histories Conference.

1963 As a result of the Bark Petitions and a third one known as the "Thumbprints Petition" a 7 member Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry was established and in their report to Parliament "....acknowledged the rights the Yolngu set out in the petitions and recommended to Parliament on 29 October 1963 that compensation for loss of livelihood be paid, that sacred sites be protected and that an ongoing parliamentary committee monitor the mining project.".


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  2. For sure the "good old days" aren't as good as they are cracked up to be.

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