Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8 I haz returned

What a fabulous naval gazing holiday sans sailors.
Ahh, bliss.
Wonderful to walk down a street and be greeted by so many people who know you (this could also be for infamy reasons, too....).
Great fun was had by all at the Trivia night where our table came equal FIRST!!!!
Hopefully lots of moolah was raised for the Dunolly Ute Show and Swap Meet (October 20th, be there!) and many a laugh was had.

Now, onto today's history stuff...

No tsunamis.
No earthquakes.
No musos pupped.

But just before you breathe a sigh of relief....
1947 Victorian Premier, John Cain (Snr), secured a double Dissolution of the Parliament from the Governor, Sir Winston Dugan, following the blocking of the Supply Bill for the third time in the Legislative Council.
Which of course meant everyone's day was rooned for trudging off to the polls to elect another clown or three.

 Rail lines were OPENED!!!
As opposed to that dreaded word that pollies have wont to use, 'closed'.
1877 The Oakleigh to Bunyip railway line opened to many a steam engine.
1889 Whittlesea Junction to Preston (renamed Reservoir  December 1 1909) railway line was flung open.
1889 On the same day the Coburg to Somerton line was declared open.

2007 A newspaper article reported on the publication of a new book that disputed, with much evidence, the idea that Aboriginals did not live in houses or villages before the white man rocked up on our shores.


  1. You would raise the double dissolution ogre wouldn't you?

    Very glad that you had a fabulous time away.

  2. So the 1800s had lines opening, the 1900s had lines closing....perhaps later the 2000s will have the lines opening again? We live in hope.
    How ridiculous to think the Aboriginals didn't live in villages! What did they think when they saw clumps of grass huts all grouped together with cooking fires in plain sight?
    Well done on the trivia night win!!