Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9 More on this day prattle

Hello, hello, hello!
Another glorious Spring day in which the baby birds are screeching for wormies, the bees are making merry with the bright blue Echiums and the traffic is rudely loud.
And the dreaded Christmas mince pies have made their appearance in MY kitchen!
I shall have to have words with the spouse who should know that merely glancing at them loads umpteen kilos on my arse.

1891 The Mystery of the Missing Mace!!!
The Mace of the Legislative Assembly was stolen from Speaker Matthew Davies chambers in Parliament House. The suspect was the Parliamentary electrician, Thomas Jeffey, though this was never proved. Charges were never laid, nor the mace recovered and it continued to be a source of embarrassment for the parliament and the subject of a select committee enquiry. The old wooden mace (the first) was put back into service until a new mace of silver and gold plate replaced it on June 18 1901.
Ahh, yes, blame the tradie and never mention the brothel in which it was really misplaced!

1803 The HMS Calcutta entered Port Phillip Bay and its 402 people cargo tried to make a settlement at Sullivan Bay near Sorrento.
Which failed badly.
They also managed to murder the leader of the Wathaurung people near Corio Bay.

2010 The opera Pecan Summer written and composed by Indigenous Australian singer Deborah Cheetham premiered at WestSide Performing Arts Centre, Mooroopna; telling the story of the Cummeragunja Aboriginal walk-off of 1939 in which Deborah Cheetham's grandparents were involved, it is the first opera to be partly sung in Yorta Yorta language.


  1. Thank you for telling me about Pecan Summer. I am going to have to track it down.
    And why, why does some food magically transfer itself through your eyes to your butt. So Unfair.

  2. As for EC, I never knew about Pecan Summer. There are lots of great stories from Cummeragunja, the walkoff being just one of them. High points in an otherwise dreadful history.

  3. My arse is very glad I don't like mince pies.

    All the more for you.

  4. Christmas mince pies!! Oh dear, I haven't yet bought the jars of mince and extra flour! I've added it to my shopping list now. I need to have things ready for the November practice batch. Then I need to buy sturdy containers so I can send some to my favourite people.
    I see over on the side there that Kelley doesn't like them....

  5. I was born in Mooroopna and knew of the Cummeragunja walk off but didn't know about the opera. Thanks for sharing this.
    Thankfully I don't like mince pies :)

  6. Have just discovered your blog (via River) so hope you don't mind me popping in occasionally. I am always very interested in the history of our country and in fact have just done a blog about Moondyne Joe, West Oz's notorious escape artist (from prison that is).