Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stuff and nonsense on this day in Oz history

I have found my way back to the computer...such a long and winding track from the lounge room to the dining room (all of 4 steps) although I've been spurred on by the pup having romped through my yarn and making a bloody mess all over the place and this is as good a way of sticking my head in the sand for a few minutes as any other.

1830 - The Hobart Town Gazette published a story lovely bit of propaganda of a convict meeting up with Aboriginal People, as ordered by Lieutenant-Governor Arthur.
You can read the transcript HERE.

 1806 - During his ever-so-short reign as Boss Cocky of Oz on this particular day Governor William Bligh met ‘a few obliging natives’ who built him a bark canoe to cross the swollen Nepean River after his visit to landowner Walter Davidson at Menangle, near Camden.

1900 - Jimmy and Joe Governor were formally declared outlaws in the NSW Government Gazette Supplement.

1977 - That lovely, harmless old chappie, Joh Bjelke-Petersen had banned political demonstrations—a ban which led to clashes with uranium protesters, unionists, students, liberals, communists, and well-known parliamentarians; these bans also lead to wide-spread democratic rights protests with just one (of many) occurring on this day with many arrested and detained in the Manhattan Walk Watch house.


  1. The Hobart Town Gazette piece was fascinating. Prejudice on display.

  2. Did you see the Art in Australia doco last night? Very interesting history on Tasmanian Aborigines there.

  3. Joh I knew was affectionately known as, JOE BONKERS BANANAS around about the same time as Mr Neverwrong Prem of NSW and Pres garbage cart of Russia.