Monday, November 11, 2013

Hear ye, hear ye...blah blah blah

Yes, yes, I've been missing days of history again.
Too much delving into genealogy, for both mine and hubby's family trees, and getting caught up in the whole,
"OMFG she pupped HOW many rug rats before dropping off the twig at 127?!"

BTW, here's an article about today's date all prepared and written by a proper author who knows her onions.
Go get her books, damn good.

Got pulled up by a family researcher the other day - how rude of me not to correct my research and make sure a certain shared family member was a widow before she got together with hubby number two.
Cos that sorta shit will make your whole family line disappear into Hell in a flash of fireworks from a Meatloaf concert (and probably turn your arse bright blue).
Apart from the, " Lay-dees were bound by a cast iron chastity belt called marriage and they so did NOT enjoy sex or even have sex in those days and we were all found in the cabbage patch" kinda thinking crap.
Men and lay-dees have been doin' the nasty for a looooooooooooong time, I reckon, and no matter how much you want to one just cannot conjure up a death certificate and magic up a marriage certificate to make a past affair all prim and proper.
Cos that's called re-writing history.
Or white washing it.
Getting rid of all those messy bits that make some people squirm.
Cos life is never,!


  1. And most of us have a skeleton (or two) in the closet. And a little premature sex is very minor.

  2. Shame you don't have an Anon section. I had written a good one about self, but didn't want half the world to know. had to pull the plug, on my shady past but so so long ago.

  3. White washing history, ha ha.
    My mum was always making a fuss over my daughter who had a child before getting engaged and then had another before the wedding. Both children were in the wedding party. Years later, reading through the family tree, I discovered that mum herself was already six months old when her parents married.

  4. I have documented proof that I was born in wedlock despite popular belief.

  5. did I ever tell you that my family only realised that my auntie was conceived out of wedlock when she celebrated her 50th birthday and the grandparents had only just celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary?

    Slow off the mark MOTY's family is.

  6. Sounds as though you could be researching one family in my family tree. We know Grandma had illegitimate children to a man she had known before her first marriage. This occurred after his first wife had died and we have no idea what happened to Grandpa. Grandma then married the father of her 2 out of wedlock children and then had another one before emigrating to Oz. My problem is this.....Grandma married second hubby in about 1915 but I can only find record on FreeBMD of Grandpa's death in 1919. Makes you think doesn't it?
    I have so many records of people having 'premature' children. One man married his wife 8 days before their baby was born. People these days think they invented sex. Wrong. It's always been there as large as life.

  7. Excerpt from my memoirs, One of the milder snippets.

    During the last few days at the cottage, I caught chickenpox and had
    to stay away from school. The lady next door attended to my needs, as
    Auntie Parker had taken the bus into town. I had been told she was
    staying overnight with Uncle Robert in Oxford. From my bedroom
    window, I had seen Auntie sitting on the bus, but why was she sitting
    next to farmer Turner?
    While I was resting, I heard two distinct voices through the wall of my
    bedroom. It sounded like they were coming from the hayloft. After
    awhile, I crept downstairs and out of the back door. Standing on the rain
    tank, I could see through the crack in the timber siding. Big Ernie
    Bellman was making love to horse-faced Maggie Sherbrook! Being only
    seven years of age, I was unaware of the significance of this tomfoolery. I
    went around the front and quietly squeezed through the barn door. I
    moved the ladder to the loft and put the bar down on the door, closing it
    tightly with the pin. My sitter, Mrs, James, saw me near the front door
    and scolded me for being out of bed. I told her what had happened.
    Shortly afterwards, a large number of villagers gathered around the barn
    door and a cheer went up. Maggie and Ernie appeared rather sheepishly,
    making all manner of excuses. I had begun to earn quite a reputation
    around the village. The following day, I also got a smack from Auntie Parker when I told her they were only doing what the Billy goat does to
    the Nanny goat.