Monday, November 25, 2013

Loads of stuff filled diaries for Nov 25 in Oz history

Hear ye, hear ye....something or other.
Yep, I'm at it again, digging up daily doings of Aussie history.
Marvellous what a good dose of The Doctor will do for a gal!

1839 - The Royal Victoria Theatre was opened with gay abandon on the North Terrace in Adelaide.
Although the new theatre building was an improvement on the original, the acting, wrote Hawker, ‘was simply awful’.
And we've continued this tradition in our soapies...

1971 - Such was the jocularity and frivolity afforded by the shoppers of Victoria when late night shopping was first introduced in that state on this date we went mad and stayed up til 7pm to go shopping until 9pm !

1803 - The first child pupped to English settlers in the Colony of Victoria arrived on this day ; William Thorne, son of Sergeant Samuel Thorne, was dropped off by the stork at Sullivan Bay in Sorrento.

1985 - Cos we Aussies know history is all around us and in everyday things that we do some bloke frocked himself up in a chicken suit and plonked himself in a seat on the government front bench in the Australian House of Representatives.
Why does everyone have to question the chickens?!

1910 - The National Defence Act pupped the Royal Australian Navy.
 Also, the journos got into the act (not the aforementioned Act) and formed the federal body of the Australian Journalists Association.

1981 - Pat O'Shane became the first Aboriginal woman to head a state government department when she was appointed Head of the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

1789 - Gov Arthur Phillips wanted to learn more about the Aboriginal People who lived in this wild and woolly land he'd just washed up in; so, instead of going with a small gift to introduce himself and get to know the neighbours Gov Phillips ordered the capture of some of them to 'get to know em better'.....hence the kidnapping of Bennelong of the Camaraigal people and Colbee of the Cadigal people on this day.

2003 - The first chickybabe Chief Justice in the whole of Oz was appointed on this day when Marilyn Warren became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

1970 - Victoria (the state, not Her Maj who wasn't amused) made it compulsory to belt up when travelling in a motor vehicle.

1944 - Reginald William Saunders became the first Aboriginal commissioned officer in the Australian Army.


  1. And the little boy asks"Who bonks the Stork"?

  2. Storks are asexual and find babies under cabbages in the vegie patch :P

  3. 1970; compulsory to belt up in the car. Remember the advertisements? Belt up your kids. They didn't last long as many said the ads condoned child abuse, so other ads were developed pretty quickly. Yet still, ten years later, kids were roaming free in cars, with parents blatantly ignoring the rules because "he screams so much when I buckle him in" and so on. I even saw one car traveling reasonably slowly, while the child not more than seven (ish) sat on the frame of the open window clinging on to the roof of the car with only his legs inside. Not on a main road thank goodness, but still, what would have happened if another car had pulled out of a driveway and the woman had to suddenly brake?

  4. Some parents take parenting to new lows of don't care attitudes, River :(

  5. My maternal grandfather was fined in 1970 for not wearing his seat belt. He was a slow but dangerous driver. Oddly he was fined for speeding and also fined for dangerous driving when he pulled out of his driveway in front of a car. He really needed to wear a seatbelt, and so did we when travelling with him.

  6. Ahhh, He was of the old school who deemed "I have right of way!" whenever he was behind the wheel, Andrew?

  7. Men should have right of way women are only secondry drivers.

    Sorry I didn't say that.

  8. *Slaps Vest with a wet fish* :P