Friday, November 8, 2013

Misery loves company, I am!

Oh, it's all doom and gloom from the feds in power - silent hush hush meetings, decisions, groups slashed and burned, laws changed, super gone, minimum wage to possibly be cut....misery, misery and more misery.
From the top it dribbles downwards, ever downwards, to the piddly plebians (that would be us) waaay below those pissing on us and telling us it's raining.
You know, the Mildura train STILL isn't running.
Please sign the petition HERE.
And the damn Nylex Clock is still rooted.
Bureaucratic lobbing back and forth re development of apartments and restoration of the clock.
Last mention was a few months back...possibly the last time before the fed election that someone wrote something approaching merit.
Yes, I'm in a pithy mood.

1934 - Dhakiyarr Wirrpanda, a Yolngu elder from northeast Arnhem Land, was found guilty of the murder of a white policeman, Albert McColl, and sentenced to death in 1934. An appeal to the High Court made this the first case of an Aboriginal Australian to be heard in that court.
On this day the High Court directed that Dhakiyarr be released and returned to his country.
Within 24 hours of his release from gaol Dhakiyarr vanished.

1858 - A Royal Commission was appointed by the Victorian Parliament to inquire as to be the best method to remove the sludge from the goldfields.
I shit you not.

1835 - Dr. Collie, a Scotsman who was a jack of all trades - GP, surgeon, botanist and explorer,  expired on this day at King George Sound, Westralia.
On his request he was buried in the same grave with his good friend and exploring companion, Mokare, a Nyungar man of the Minang people; the grave is now under the Albany Town Hall.

1887 - The Maffra to Stratford railway line was opened with gay abandon.

1958 - A tsunami that kicked off in the South Kuril Islands was felt on the coastline of NSW.

1978 - The Tallarook to Mansfield and Alexandra railway lines were closed.

1934 - A grasshopper plague of biblical proportions had a gastronomic feast when it devoured 20 tons of grain stored at Mildura within a measly TWO hours.


  1. I do hope that Dhakiyarr vanished and wasn't 'vanished'. By which I mean I hope he had some choice about it.

  2. Super gone and minimum wage possible cut?
    What the hell?????

  3. It is a pity that the vanishing act for major felons vanished awhile back.

  4. Hands up all those who would like to have the reintroduction of Vanishers.
    How about public vanishing acts drawing bigger crowds than the Footy.

  5. We should outsource our legal problems with drug offenders.
    Malaysia and Singapore are fully equipped to deal with such problems.
    Vanishings are the norm, there are no secondry penalties.

  6. 'The Maffra to Stratford railway line was opened with gay abandon.' Laughed my arse off.

  7. Henrique said...
    Belle journe'e,n'est - ce pas?
    des visites guide'es for Dungpolly peanut farm, Combien co^ute le billet?
    Qu'ya-t-il a'voir par ici?
    Ya-t-il un guide anglophone?

    Merci, Henrique

    Sunday, 10 November 2013 12:46:00 GMT+11
    Vest here , this has popped up on my blog, sending it to you to sort out, seems the guy needs a tour guide and is willing to pay. good luck.

  8. You forgot to give Ned Kelly a mention today and the Vics who idolise him as a local celeb although notorious Ned was vanished by means of a necktie party in response to him murdering three Victorian Wooden tops-Ned is held in awe by most Vics as a hero.

    95th Anny of Armistice day 1918.
    Lest we Forget.

  9. Um, Vest, I don't do tours or peanuts or any French Harry :P

    Would love to vanish some knobheads that use pseudonyms to send me snarky emails.