Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 26 stuff happened

I hope you like this fisherman's basket of surf, turf and mirth I've flung together.

1942 - Aussie and Yank servicemen had a bit of a stoush that became known as The Battle of  Brisbane; one Aussie ended up shot dead.

1839 - Lieutenant J.S. Pullen with Governor Gawler, Captain Sturt, Henry Inman and two gentlemen of the Governor’s household, Gill and Henry Bryan, began to potter up the River Murray from Lake Alexandrina. Less than a month later it all ended in tears when Henry Bryan vanished from the face of the earth never to be seen again.

1969 - The Western Australian Uni student paper Pelican was up to its neck in trouble when it was charged with obscenity after they published an anti-censorship article. It was found guilty and fined $50.

1855 - The first electric telegraph began chattering away in South Oz, between Adelaide and Port Adelaide.
Nope, it'll never take off.
This elec-trickery malarky is just a passing fad...

1982 The NSW Anti-Discrimination Act was amended to include Homosexuality after the adoption of a Government Bill moved by Premier Neville Wran.

2004 - Following an Aboriginal man's death in custody up to 300 Palm Island residents rioted and did great damage to the police complex and other buildings.

1966 - The Federal Election of that year saw the Liberal-Country Party coalition government led by Harold Holt returned to power with the largest parliamentary majority in the federal parliament's 65 year history.

1838 - Following the uproar of the acquittal of the Myall Creek Massacre perpetrators a second trial was held on this day; resulting in 7 men found guilty and sentenced to hang.

1999 - Far from being the Communist sub that came to collect Harold Holt the 4 bright green objects observed by 8 witnesses on the Gold Coast in QLD on this day were just popping in for a cuppa tea.

1981 - The NSW Legislative Assembly began debating and dithering about the Petersen Bill, a private members bill introduced by George Petersen to decriminalise homosexual acts in NSW.

1917 - Billy Hughes, then PM of Oz threw a massive tanty and ordered the QLD Govt Printing Offices to be raided; Hughes was busting a gut trying to get conscription via a referendum to be held the following month but he was shaking in his boots that an anti-conscription speech made in the QLD Parliament might be read by the hoi polloi.

1984 - Kim Hughes resigned his captaincy of the Australian cricket Team in tears.


  1. And Bob hawke cried in his beer.

  2. 1839-the Bunyip got him.
    1999-whatever year it was-the Bunyip got Harold Holt too.
    Mysteries solved.

  3. Good grief, don't remind me of the Little Aussie Weeper, Vest :(

    Yep, I blame the Bunyips, River :)