Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27 All this happened on this day in Oz History

This is being thrown together the night before due to my rooted back being a cow.
You're welcome.

1906 - Colonel Light, or rather his statue, was unveiled by the then South Oz Governor Sir Ruthven Le Hunte in Victoria Square.
Colonel Light was shifted in 1938 to his current possie of Montefiore Hill.

2010 - John Brumby (remember him?!) lost the State election.

1876 - Legislation was enacted in Banana-bender country aka QLD to create the first public fire service in Oz.

1976 - And a century later a Tribunal on Homosexuals & Discrimination is held at the University of NSW and is organised by CAMP (NSW). Dr Jim Cairns MHR, Bridget Gilling, Barry Egan and Senator Arthur Gietzelt sit on Tribunal.

1969 - Cecilia  May Gibbs, that lovely lady who gave us Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, left this mortal coil to roam through her magical bush at leisure.

1998 - Obviously not one of the Gumnut babies, the ball-like object seen heading across the sky at Sunbury was clear in evening daylight at 7.20pm, even planes travelling towards Tullamarine Airport could be seen underneath the object.

1833 - Robert Gouger had taken a liking to our shores and was determined to have a hand in the founding of a colony in South Oz so he formed the South Australia Association on this day, with the idea of securing a charter to found a colony belonging to the Crown but administered by trustees.

1979 - The SCG played Mine Host to the very first flood-lit One Day International cricket match between Oz and the West Indies.
For those who care The Fair Isle of Oz won by 5 wickets.

1880 - Sir Ralph know Sir Ralph...sure, you know him....oh, ok, never heard of him, you say?
Well, raise a glass to toast his birth on this day in London.
Cos he designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge aka The Coathanger.

1950 - Aboriginal workers in Darwin staged the "biggest and best organised native strike ever conducted in Darwin".


  1. I hope your poor back stops being a cow and turns into a lamb.

  2. Your back too? I blame the bike riding. For mine anyway. Yes, I started riding again, but not every day, only when it is cool enough.

    I think Montefiore Hill is a much better place for Colonel Light to view his city from. Down in Victoria Square, for years all he would have seen are pubs and brothels. they aren't there now of course, just one pub and a bunch of other businesses.

  3. What name is the most prominent to be found on the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

  4. My back is almost always a cow these days, EC. We have a mutual dislike of each other lol.

    No bike riding been done here, River, too busy nagging the menfolk to fix up my new bike!

    I have no idea, vest....some beer brand being advertised?