Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 28 On this day in Aussie history

Yep, at it again, researching and ignoring the bitching back lol.

1882 - The Rotunda in elder Park was given to the people of Adelaide by Thomas Elder and officially opened on 28 November 1882. It was fabricated by MacFarlane’s Saracen Foundry in Glasgow and shipped from London on 14 February. The task of erecting it was taken by Charles Farr who raised the floor eighteen feet.

1945 - Australian Services XI drew in their second Victory Test match against India at Calcutta; the Victory Test Matches were not a part of the Test series, rather they were Australian and English cricket teams made up of servicemen who were already stationed in England during the war. The Victory Tests were seen as a way to raise morale at the end of WW2 and to raise money for war charities.
Due to the popularity of these Victory Tests the Australian Services XI were ordered to continue playing matches in both Celon (Sri Lanka) and India prior to being demobbed at home in Australia.

1855 - Twas a Wednesday when William Haines was tapped on the shoulder and appointed Chief Secretary of first Ministry under Responsible Government. The first Ministry was appointed by Sir Charles Hotham chosen from the ranks of the Council but not elected. The Ministry would govern until an election could be organised. The leader of the Ministry was given the title Chief Secretary, rather than Premier.
*snigger* Responsible Government! LOL

1955 - A century later the world premier of Ray Lawler's fabulous famous play Summer of the Seventeenth Doll opened at the Union Theatre in Melbourne.
If you haven't seen it, read the play, you'll love it.

1903 - Shortly after 7am the first major oil spill happened in Australian history on Aussie shores when the steamer tanker Petriana ran aground in Port Phillip Bay whilst carrying 1300 tons of crude oil; the oil was pumped out to lighten the vessel which killed fish and contaminated beaches for months.
Unsurprisingly the non-white crew were refused permission to land on our lily white shores under the White Australia Policy and were kept on board a ship; despite a public outcry our esteemed PM of the day Alfred Deakin supported this stance and the crew stayed at sea on a tug until they were shipped back to Hong Kong.
My, my, how little things have changed in 110 years...

1924 - Electric train services began trundling about between Ringwood and Croyden.

1992 - 3,000 attend an anti-discrimination rally in Town Hall Square and marched to Green Park. One marcher, Patrick Jennings was hit by a car which drove into the march. 
1975 - Today saw the Test Cricket debut of Michael Holding in the West Indies vs Oz match at Brisbane.

2006 - Third and final reading of the Compensation Bill in Tasmanian Parliament that was passed to allow for compensation payments to be made to those of the Stolen Generation.

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