Friday, November 29, 2013

November 29 In Oz History

This is being done a day ahead as we're off to a book launch at The Meeting Place on Friday!

1990 - Raise a glass or three of your favourite vintage, Peoples of The Net!
For today saw the first teeny tiny step of the interwebs in Oz when AARnet was established by the CSIRO & Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee.

1995 - The Australian Democrats introduced their Sexuality Discrimination Bill into the Senate to make discrimination and vilification against gay men and lesbians unlawful. 

1839 - A reporter chappie by the name of T. Horton James was so underwhelmed by the state of play at Port Adelaide that he dubbed it Port Misery in his news article in the South Australian Registrar on this day...
"... The shore is an uninhabitable swamp and the few people who are living in wigwams at Port Adelaide are too busy engaged in landing boards and rolling up casks to take any notice of a party of ladies and gentlemen up to their knees in mud, trying to reach the shore ... This is Port Adelaide! Port Misery would be a better name, for nothing in any other part of the world can surpass it in everything that is wretched and inconvenient ..."
I'm guessing he wasn't about to holiday at that particular sea-side...!

1990 - The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission was founded (ATSIC).

2006 - A retuired chappie sighted a UFO late in the evening from his backyard in Salisbury North, Adelaide; hundreds of feet long and wide it was black, triangular in shape, moving silently with only a pulsing white light at each point to illuminate it, setting many dogs to barking in the neighbourhood as it passed overhead.

1987 - Australian dramatist, Peter Kenna, best known for his play A Hard God,  died after a long illness.

1854 - The Oath of Allegiance was stated by Peter Lalor and sworn by miners (and the chickybabes!) at Bakery Hill, Ballarat ("We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties") under the Eureka Flag (which was actually called The Flag of Australia, sewn by the tough chickybabes).
1996 - 800 people attended the Rally Against Racism at Taylor Square in response to  MP Pauline Hanson’s attacks on multiculturalism and Aboriginal rights.

1948 - Twas a Monday when PM Ben Chifley graciously unveiled the very first Holden 48/125 known as the FX to roll out of Fishermans Bend, costing a mere trifle at  £760.

1999 - Satellite Managing Director, Greg Fisher, announced plans to create the world’s first international gay and lesbian website and the start of research into retirement requirements for gays and lesbians. 

1967 - Another satellite, which was Australia's first, known by the name WRESAT (Weapons Research Establishment Satellite) was thrown into the wide blue yonder at Woomera, South Oz.
Did you know we were so up there in the this field we were only the 4th nation to build and successfully launch our own orbital satellite?!

1972 - Another bright star to light up our lives was Aunty Jack who debuted on our TV screens on this day in Melbourne.
Then promised that if we didn't tune in the following week to "rip yer bloody arms orf!"

1990 - World's Greatest Treasurer Paul Keating announced the Fair Ilse of Oz was in a recession and called us a Banana Republic.
Hmph, how very dare he!

1969 - Train buffs rejoice for the standard gauge railway line between Sydney and Perth was done and dusted!

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