Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 30 On this day in Aussie History

Had a fantabulous day out at The Meeting Place at Yapeen Primary School yesterday; it was the official book launch of the Dja Dja Wurrung kids book of the battle between Mt Tarrengower and Mt Franklin aka Lalgambook.
This battle has been handed down in oral history tradition as the Dja Dja Wurrung people witnessed the two volcanoes erupting more than 5,000 years ago, and their story tells of Tarrengower the older, bigger mountain being teased and taunted by the younger, smaller mountain Lalgambook, which resulted in Lalgambook blowing his top and throwing rocks and lava towards Tarrengower - facts which are borne out by geological evidence.
The kids were shown how to find ochre pits, to mix the ochre to use as paint; they then painted scenes from this story which were printed into a class book set with their own words included as text.
During the launch the kids performed a traditional dance representing the fight between the two mountains and read from the book.
It was just a marvellous day and the program, which has only been running this year, is a testament to the hard work and wonderful guidance of the elders who are teaching this generation to have pride and knowledge in their culture.
I don't know of any similar program in Victoria and this is a great model for other communities to adopt.
Feral Teen stated he'd wished he'd been able to access this type of program when he was younger and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

1854 - Twas a Thursday when the First Reform League of Victoria was established at Eureka Stockade with Diggers burning their Government licences.
The Southern Cross flag (then known as The Australian Flag) was first raised at Bakery Hill, Ballarat and later that day at the Eureka Stockade.
Bought Dr. Clare Wright's book Forgotten Rebels of Eureka yesterday at Stoneman's Bookstore in Castlemaine and am LOVING it!

2007 - Two witnesses in Wynn Vale in South Oz eyeballed a dark orange, rectangular object travelling at speedin the evening sky.

1983 - A slight oops happened when our highly trained spies in ASIS made an itty bitty bungle while carrying out a training exercise in an hotel...they kinda sorta forgot to mention their plans to the hotel owner and staff which resulted in everyone thinking a robbery was happening, particularly as the agents ran around with guns, sledgehammers, masks and had getaway cars at the standby.
It all ended in tears before bedtime and red faces all around.

1867 - Gunzels and gamblers untied when the Newmarket Junction to Flemington Race course railway line was opened, a whole 1.5 miles of gamboling bliss.

1983 - And many teeth were gnashed when the Mytrleford to Bright railway line was kicked to the kerb.

1931 - The RSL attempted to recognise the services by Aboriginal servicemen via their magazine Reveille which was a break away from the usual social policy of the day.

They published the following article on 30th Sept, 1931  photo reveillearticleaboriginmd8_zpsef9890ec.jpg 

And this follow up article was published 30th November 1931  photo reveillearticleaborigincs2_zps31ee4a6b.jpg
This is, of course, not complete, as even to this day there are servicemen who are not recognised as Aboriginal; through the social policies of the time and continued 'shame' in families to openly admit to having Aboriginal ancestors.


  1. What a wonderful initiative. I would have loved to have been there.

  2. I loved your whole first paragraph; what a great day!

  3. EC and River - it was a really lovely day had by all, many of us commented on how our faces hurt from smiling so much :)
    It's such a positive program and these kids are revelling in their learning :)