Friday, November 22, 2013

On this day and WE WON

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Copied from that fabulous newspaper The Welcome Record.


On Monday evening, 61 people attended a public meeting in the Dunolly Town Hall to hear from Cr Bob Henderson and Mayor Barry Rinaldi that Council is now committed to continue
funding the Northern Goldfields Mobile Library Service to Bealiba, Moliagul and Dunolly.
****This planning reversal would not have been possible without the concerted efforts of hundreds of people in the district. ****

The anger of the first community meeting in August, quickly followed by letters, emails, blogs, newspaper articles, radio interviews, the petition and a substantial presence at a Council meeting, jolted senior Council staff and councillors into some awareness that this community meant business.
What’s more, residents knew what they were talking about and intelligently questioned the assumptions and frequent misinformation upon which Council’s initial decision to terminate the Mobile Library Service was based.
Having Cr Henderson strongly advocating our position in
Council was a great help.

There is still a long way to go before we can be confident that Council understands the meaning and practice of community consultation and engagement. As a community, it is our job to
help Council staff in particular to learn how to plan and work collaboratively with us.
Issues remain to be followed up, such as to identify ways in which our current library services can work creatively with families, pre- schools and schools, especially as the new “guerilla” library bus will not be visiting in our district (unless by appointment). Similarly, recommendations from district schools for more access to professional education to assist their work with children with poor literacy need to be taken seriously.

Sharon Fraser, General Manager of Go Goldfields and library services in the Shire, expressed keen interest to learn more from the community research that has been undertaken by community members over the last couple of months.

****The Mobile Library campaign, rather like the Hospital campaign about 20 years ago, demonstrates the importance of, and capacity for, community mobilisation in our district.****
I suspect replacing the community bus may be our next big issue. 

Watch this space!
Fiona Lindsay

1966 -  Conscientious objector William White was forcibly taken from his home in Sydney by three policemen and inducted into the army.
1978 - Legislation was introduced to give the Pitjantjatjara people rights to their own land in north-west South Australia.

1952 - Lang Hancock discovered iron ore deposits whilst puttering along in a light aircraft over the Turner River gorge in Westralia.
1956 - The Melbourne Olympic Games was opened!
Ron Clarke lit the Olympic Flame at the MCG as Australia's first Olympics began the Opening Ceremony.
It was at these games that the athletes began mingling with each other in the closing ceremony, thanks to a letter to the IOC Committee by a 17 year old Melbourne boy.
You can read his story HERE.


  1. Congratulations - saving a library is a WONDERFUL achievement.

  2. woo-hoo!! Is this the one I signed a petition for? nice to know my little name from afar helped a bit.

  3. Who would of thought Lang finding some iron ore would lead to so many trees to be chopped down for paper to detail the life of his second wife and then daughter.

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  5. Thanks, EC, it certainly is! :)

    Yes, River, every signature helped! :)

    Such a waste all around, Andrew :(

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