Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stuff on this day

Aren't we a happy lil bunch of Vegemites?
No, rhetorical question, there's no need to take notes, there'll be no exam.

1973 - Across the Fair Isle of Oz Aboriginal People voted to elect a National Aboriginal Consultative Committee to advise the federal Government on Aboriginal needs and issues.

1945 - The chemical mines at 1 Base Ammunition Depot, in Albury, were completely destroyed by fire. At this trial, at least 2000 chemical mines were destroyed by burning.

1642 - Tasmania was bobbing about in the water minding its own business, enjoying the Aboriginal people gently pottering about, possibly contemplating incrementally shifting its weight on the continental shelf and its historical break-up with Antarctica (even though 45 million years had passed and you'd think that was plenty of time for anyone to get over a break up, but...) when who comes along and rudely pokes about but some chappie titled Abel Tasman who had the audacity to claim he'd 'discovered' Tassie.
1930 - The passenger train service that transported people from Ballarat to Buninyong was ceased and desisted on this day.

1966 - The future of the couch potato bogan was assured when Oz began getting its first satellite transmissions from the UK.

2001 - Which had absolutely nothing to do with the UFO sighting at Croydon Park in NSW on this day.
It's amazing what you can eyeball whilst lurking in your own backyard of an evening!

And whoever has been searching this site for "how 2 croshay dill doe" ...PLEASE!
I can't even.....
2 ply or 4 ply?


  1. the Buninyong Station is still there for some strange reason, despite it not being terribly charming. It is about 2 km from my house.

    I hope you wiped your blog down with a Dettol cloth after that 'croshay' creep had been, but 12 ply I think, for the extra sensation.

  2. Some hot water with the dettol might be nice too.
    Isn't it interesting that explorers have all tended to the 'finders/keepers' rule...

  3. If you're in the area, Ann, pop on down to the Carisbrook railway station on December 8 at 2pm, we're walking the line as part of a rail revival rally.
    I was thinking bleach and sandsoap *shudder*
    12ply? ok.

    I'll go with the boiling hot water variety, EC, make sure the germies are burnt by the heat.