Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vinelander could be a go-er !

Firstly, let me apologise for being a slack cow.
Yes, I wander off into Mugbook land and get distracted by all the shiny and leave this blog to grow mould and wither a little more.
Then I find these fabulous groups/pages which I have to share and I come romping back to you all like an excited puppy on red cordial (but I promise not to pee at your feet).

You know how much I love my trains and travelling by trains and how much I moan about train lines that have been closed and abandoned by The Powers That Be (nudging those reading this in the Parliamentary Library...AHEM).

So, anyway I've joined my voice (as vocal as a cackling crow) to the group BRING TRAINS BACK TO MILDURA LINE!!! in the hope we can see a return of the Vinelander train to beautiful Mildura.

Go on, go and join, the more voices the more chance the pollies in Spring Street will have to take notice (hope you're taking notes in the Parliamentary Library).

Mildura has had NO TRAIN and no public transport apart from a Hell Ride bus to and from Melbourne for the past 20 years.
Seriously, you'd think the twats would have sorted this rubbish out long after Kennett was kicked to the kerb but, noooooooo, they take a while to learn in Spring Street.
Hmph, if the knuckleheads in Spring Street had to ride the Hell Ride bus they'd have returned the rail services years ago.

Please, sign this petition to get the trains back to Mildura, HERE.
And, please share it with your friends.

Also, this line happens to trundle past the DUNOLLY railway station, amongst other closed railway stations.
Get the rail line reopened and there is a good chance the railway stations along the line will be reopened for passengers.
It makes sense.
Think about how backward this state has been over the years - reliable railway travel, provided by the Govt, that was then cancelled despite the increasing regional populations.
If this was a thesis in economics the teacher would have to grade it an F.
Get the cars off the roads, get the freight trucks off the roads, get reliable rail transport happening again and it's a win:win situation.!

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