Friday, December 27, 2013

ALDI vac

I can highly recommend the bagless 2000w Lumina vacuum from ALDI.
Reckon it'd suck the quack outta a low-flying duck.


River said...

Good to know, let us know if it lasts.
I know someone who bought a K-Mart vac that didn't last more than a few weeks, while my ten year old Hoover is still going strong.

Andrew said...

Mine is bigger than River's. Our Volta was still working after 33 years when we pensioned it off for a more back friendly unit. I've seen the brand Lumina around recently. It is an Aldi brand then.

Jayne said...

Will do, River.
If it doesn't suck up the interwebs!

Jayne said...

Size queen :P