Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2 On this day in Oz History

It certainly seems Summer has arrived with the temperatures in Melbourne forecast to peak at a bajillion degrees C today.
Don't mind MILD days but this wretched heat has knobs on it.
Got to hit the school with the Feral Teen today to confirm his selections for next year - year 11, if you please! - and sell a kidney to pay the fees.
While I'm selling body parts I may invest in air-con, too.
According to our fearless leader climate change isn't happening so it must be that the NEW insulation, high ceilings, blinds being drawn, and various trees/shrubs shading the house are FAILING each Summer, worse with each passing year.
If these were all in a union our fearless leader would likely sack em but, being inanimate objects - well maintained objects - it must just be my imagination.

1983 - The Aurora Hotel in Hindmarsh Square, South Oz, was demolished in December 1983 under dodgy circumstances. Despite the hotel trading from 1859 as the Black Eagle and despite The Lord Mayor’s Heritage Advisory Committee recommending preservation of the hotel in early 1982 the Da Costa Trust quietly sold the property to developers. The battle to save the hotel was waged by many people but during the night of 1 December the bulldozers moved in and by early morning of the 2nd the historic pub was no more. 

1911 - Mawson and his mob of hardy, hearty explorers sailed off from Hobart to check out the night life and fun times to be had mapping Antarctica.

Several entries on pollies...Ballieu, Crean, Latham *shudder*, Beazley, Whitlam, ALP doing something or other in 1972 and 1984, blah, blah, blah.

1986 - Justice Mary Gaudron became our first chickybabe appointed to the High Court of Oz.

1967 - The still-recuperating Max Merritt & The Meteors played their comeback show at Berties Disco in Melbourne. It was their first gig since the near-fatal crash in July that seriously injured three of the band's four members, and their only gig in the second half of the year.

1977 - A 4.7 earthquake from Balliang, near Geelong, rocked many across the state with one boy suffering a broken arm as he was shaken from his top bunk on the Morninton Peninsula, and minor damage in Anakie.

1920 - That new-fangled elec-trickery black magic stuff was used to convey the first  electric train services from Flinders Street Station to Fawkner.

1854 - The Eureka Stockade was constructed; about 4 feet high it was made of wooden slabs and reinforced with wooden carts turned on their sides, encircling approx. an acre of land that included civilian tents that housed men, women and children alike.
Still reading Forgotten Rebels of Eureka and still loving it!


  1. Hot here too. With threats of worse to come. Except I am probably imaginining it and should trust Mr Rabbit.

  2. I bet if you go and check what replaced the The Aurora Hotel, you will be mightily impressed. No? You don't think so?

  3. forgotten Rebels of Eureka...added to my list.
    I'll have to do a google for the Aurora Hotel, I remember reading about it, but we weren't back in Adelaide at the time.
    I had a poster of Max Merritt on my bedroom wall, right next to one of Jon English.

  4. Yep, EC, our fearless leader would know *gag*.

    Oh, Andrew, you make with zee funnies!

    Ahhh, good taste, River :)