Friday, December 27, 2013

December 27 Stuff wot happened

We meet once again, mes amis!
I've been bitten by some spider as I have these little itchy twin blisters popping up on my hands...had a similar one while I was reclining in Dunolly the other week.
The twin blisters suggest a spider with two fangs or whatever you call those thingies they wave menacingly at us stupid pink monkeys.
IF it happens to be something nasty - and I don't find the deceased body of said spider having expired from my toxic self - I shall let you know.
Assuming that I shant have an allergic reaction to whatever bacteria White Tail spiders carry about on their toothypegs and my fingers don't turn to soup and fall off.
Then I'll be forced to blog via my nose.
And that could be messy.

Synchronise sun dials, people!
On this day in 1803 at 9pm a group of 3 or 4 or 5 convicts (depending on which source you read) did a bunk from the soon-to-fail Sullivan Bay settlement (near current day Sorrento) with one chappie managing to earn himself the title of Hide and Seek Champion of the century as William Buckley evaded recapture and lived peaceably with the Wathaurung People of Port Phillip for 30 years.
Interesting to note some of the webpages claim Buckley was 'rescued' from the Aboriginal people - how silly to think the Wathuarung people had rescued him from starvation, giving him shelter and friendship all those years.
Obviously he needed to be 'rescued' by the mighty white men *cough* I call bullshit *cough*

Sorry, got distracted trying to date an old photo of Bourke Street in Melbourne for a Facebook colleague, which I've probably confused the issue even more.
And scratching the blisters til I popped them.

On this day in 2002 the wildely divisive trains officially known as X'Trapolis but frequently called X'Crapolis began trundling bodies about the metropolitan railways of Melbourne.
They are living bodies the trains trundle but after a ride one barely feels alive.

1964 saw the spudding on this day of the first off-shore oil rig in Bass Strait called Barracouta-1.
I'm guessing they weren't expecting science to turn algae into crude oil within 1 hour to turn up so soon as 2013.

Ducked outside for a smoke and, judging by the muted swearing and laughter from the builders next door, there is a grand time being had by those wielding nail guns.

This evening in 1971 saw the theatrical premier of the iconic Oz flick Stork at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda; running for 6 weeks at the Palais the fill-um which starred Bruce Spence and the iconic Captain Matchbox Whoppee Band made a motza before being distributed by Roadshow.

Restored Beaufort Railway Station Signal box.  photo beaufortelthamwalk2095.jpg


  1. Good luck on the bite front. A white tail fanged me (while I was in the shower), but it was the spider which died. Pain, but no necrosis on my part. Just as well. I need that thumb.

  2. Thanks, EC.
    Them Wot Know Stuff reckon it's an allergic reaction tot he bacteria those White Tails carry on their fangs that cause the necrosis in some people.
    Hubby went and napalmed the bedroom with insect spray after hoovering it like a possessed demon with the new vacuum.

  3. *cough* I call bullshit *cough*, ha ha , me too.

    I hope those blisters don't get infected after the scratching, did you douse them with dettol? It helps to stop the itching.

    1. Drowned the digits in peroxide, River.
      Stung a bit but seems to have done the trick.
      Although it still didn't get rid of the nicotine stains :P

  4. "Mum, what happens if I pull this lever?" "Nothing son, there are no trains anymore."

    1. Beaufort station does have twains on the twack again.
      But don't talk too loudly cos I'm sure they might be a figment of our non-core promise, non-fiscally inspired govt.