Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 28 Stuff

Trying to get enthused about researching today's history stuff but the broken sleep of a nagging bladder, nagging furbaby who insists on claiming the whole bed and a nagging conversation between security guards outside my bedroom window at 3am as they inhaled their latest installment of Maccas then decorated the street with their refuse has left me somewhat....lacklustre today.
The bladder was my own silly fault, taking my diuretic tablet just before bedtime.
The furbaby claiming the whole bed is also my fault cos I canna resist her.
The damn chatty security guards are not my fault and I refuse to be held accountable for their sad childhoods in which their parents didn't understand them/spoiled them/stopped breast feeding them at 12 or whatever.

Back in 1989 a 5.6 earthquake hit Newcastle leaving 13 dead, many others injured, 50,000 buildings damaged with 300 having to be demolished.

In 1836 Gov Captain John Hindmarsh had a few spare moments so he proclaimed the colony of South Oz was open for business!
Although he quickly became unpopular when he also proclaimed that cow tipping contests were now outlawed.

1963 heard the final ever whistle blew on one of the largest gold mines in the Fair Isle of Oz, Sons of Gwalia; it had operated from 1897, and even boasted Herbert Hoover (who later became 31st President of USA) as the first manager but when the closure came the town dropped from a population of 1200 to 40 in less than 3 weeks.

1968 and the branch line from Wonthaggi to Kirrak was closed.

 photo 783px-Kirrak_Rail_Station_and_Mine_Site_May_2010_zps8b764e64.jpg

Apologies for the lack of funnies today, just too tired to try to be amusing or clever or whatever I try and do. Might have to boot the snoring spouse off the couch and claim it for my own.


  1. Hiss and spit on the security vandals.
    And sigh on the bladder and the fur baby front. They wake me far too often (and early) as well.
    Kicking the spouse out and enjoying a kip sounds a wonderful thing to do....

    1. Yes, EC, I finally had a 2 hour nana nap in the arvo, much bliss!

  2. You have your own security guards?
    I'd no idea you were such an important personage!

    1200 to 40 in less than 3 weeks....that could be Adelaide soon, when the Holden plant finally closes.

    1. So scary for so many to lose their jobs, River, I hope they're able to find employment somewhere :(