Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29 Captain's Log....

Ahhh, such a lovely day, dear reader!
Yesterday was unpleasant but the cool change has waved its magic wand and made the world seem half-decent again.
Although, that really is stretching the imagination so let's concede that the weather is half-decent while the rest of the world is going to hell.
Watered the damn Beefsteak tomatoes - oh, they gave me such hope! and now....most of them are riddled with bloody little green grubs growing fat on the innards of what should have been bread-and-butter-plate sized tomatoes sitting in MY belly.
Have been spraying them with a homemade spray of water with a dollop of dishwashing liquid - it works for the sticky green caterpillars on the brassicas (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage) - and whenever I made a direct hit it seemed to send the FAT green grubs to the next world but, alas, the fabulously HUGE fruit are now just teasing me with their colour and size cos the bloody little pests are everywhere.
No, no thank you, I shall not include the extra protein in my diet.
I can honestly say I have tried Bardi Grubs aka Witchetty grubs; although they carry a hint of nutty flavour imbued with a taste of seafood and my father, grandfather and great grandparents may have enjoyed dining on
Just no.
Give me Yabbys (Cherax destructor) any day; they're better than lobster.
Hmmmm, yabbys....*drool*

Well, it seemed the rot set in on this day, a Thursday back in 1870 when the Victorian Parliament became the first silly buggers to begin paying the monkeys Members of Parliament.

North East Tassie got shaken quite rudely by a 5.6 earthquake that decided to see out 1929 with significant damage to buildings in Launceston.

1860 saw one of the first naval engagements of Oz when the Naval Brigades of HMS PELORUS, flagship of the Australian Station, and HMCS VICTORIA, landed at Kairau, New Zealand, to support British troops under attack from Maoris. They were under the command of CDRE Frederick Seymour, RN, commander of the Australia Squadron.
So, in other words, earlier conflicts than are currently pimped out by the MSM.

Funniest Things Europeans say ; December 29, 1788 saw the decision of some bright spark with "We'll have to be able to communicate with the Aboriginals if we're to live together" which didn't go down as a party piece with the local Aboriginals at all.
Two days later those funny people captured/abducted/kidnapped Arabanoo and showed how hilarious they were by restraining him in handcuffs, ropes and chains.

Now, briefly joining in River's Sunday Selection I give you some purdy pics.

Feral Teen at the Rail Revival Rally on Dec 8 at Carisbrook station.
Did I mention he's now 17?
And 184cms (6 feet in the old money).

  photo 418_zps4ac3e0b4.jpg

Miss Pip our rescue pup furbaby who has graced our house for 1 year now.  photo 442_zps9a72c53c.jpg

Carapooee Pebble Church
  photo 306_zps23d045ba.jpg
 photo 302_zps473f8c90.jpg
 photo 300_zpsf17b29bc.jpg

Aboriginal rock wells hidden in the back of beyond and fenced for safety.  photo 293_zpsd42e397d.jpg
 photo 295_zps97ed8a6f.jpg  photo 290_zps4b950a33.jpg 

Just a couple of the gorgeous utes on show at the inaugural Dunolly Ute Show and Swap Meet back in October.

  photo 332_zpsbbf2ae2f.jpg  photo 327_zpsa20434a6.jpg  photo 370_zps654b58d7.jpg  photo 372_zpsdcaabd37.jpg


  1. Dipel spray works just fine on the caterpillars. I had issues with them, but not since spraying with Dipel. It's other bug and pet safe too.

    1. Thanks, Fen, gotta get my mitts on it.

  2. Gorgeous photos. And hiss and spit on the grub front. There is nothing like home grown tomatoes and the little rotters know it.

  3. Thanks, EC.
    I've been very slack and not uploaded my pics for almost 12 months, so there's a few surprises in there for me, too lol.

  4. "We'll have to be able to communicate with the Aboriginals..." ...if only that had happened, think how different things might have been.
    May I say Feral Teen is quite the handsome young lad and Miss Pip is also gorgeous with her glossy coat.
    I like very much that shiny blue ute with the numberplate Wild 64.

    1. The utes were beautiful all over, River, more pics to come.

  5. Wow, hasn't the lad grown! Miss Pip looks gorgeous.

  6. Thanks, Andrew, she's my baby.
    He keeps growing despite the damn rock I put on his head.

  7. Hi! I found you through Bush Babe of Oz. I enjoyed the post. Have you tried tomato dust, it is one of the less nasty types of bug eradicator, and I found here in Cairns it got rid of the caterpillars really well. Although now I only grow cherry tomatoes because of the grubs, they seem to leave the cherries alone. I assume, like my youngest, your son has just finished school and off into the big wide world. Sigh...

    1. I haven't seen tomato dust for years, Fion, my dad used it all the time but I can't find it.
      Trying the Dipel Fen suggested, will see if it slaughters the horrid little grubs lol.
      Nope, mine still has 2 years to go at school.

  8. I haven't seen a Sandman since I can't remember when! It's a good year for fighting off garden grubs ... but I hope our rabbit proof fence keeps the bunnies at bay!

    1. I squealed (quietly) when I saw the Sandman, Red, oh the memories!
      No, not of being in the back of one, the beaut portraits they used to sport on the sides of the panel vans!