Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3 Prattle and Aussie history on this day

My poor 7 year old furbaby Treacle has a poorly eye.
The Spouse took her to the vet yesterday and it was as I suspected; a damn grass seed lodged up under her eyelid.
The Spouse wisely put her muzzle on her as she's taken a dislike to our friendly family vet since we had to have our 20 year old furbaby Tara euthanised last year.
Dogs remember these things.
A lot of analgesia and some tweezers brought forth a seed almost 5 cm long and left a nasty ulcer on her eye for which she has drops five times per day.
Treacle is being good and only needs a verbal reminder of The Cone of Shame to stop rubbing her eye immediately.
She had a cat scratch the other eye earlier this year and remembers that damn Cone of Shame all too well - so big she could transmit satellite TV from Jupiter.
Treacle is sleeping a lot, too knackered from pain and general discomfort to be bothered with the hoi polloi in the household.
Mz Pip the pup is too busy to annoy her by eating all the socks in the house.

1800 + 1900 - Yep, you read correctly, two dates in one cos Lieutenant Governor, Sir Samuel Way Chief Justice of South Oz, laid the foundation stone of the Centenary Tower in Mount Gambier to commemorate the naming of the mount by Lieutenant Grant, RN commander of HMS Lady Nelson on 3 December 1800.
Gotta love the Crow Eaters economy of historical dates for us further down the track!

1854 - Soldiers and police attacked the Eureka stockade, forcing over 100 men to rise up and subsequently face arrest over the next few days. About 30 miners and six soldiers were killed...let's not forget the WOMEN who were shot, one dying immediately, another dying of her wound 3 weeks later and yet another lucky to survive a bullet grazing her scalp as she ran hunched over with her baby.

1889 - The Heathcote - Toobarac rail line opened, a whole 11 miles of trackway bliss!

1824 - Gai-Mariagal man from NSW, tracker of bushrangers and resistance fighter Musquito, together with a Tasmanian Aboriginal known as Black Jack were tried and unjustly convicted for the aiding and abetting in the murder of a settler named Hollyoak.
Their hanging was intended to strike fear into the Tasmanian Aboriginal People but instead it caused more bloodshed in the following decades.

1958 - The dropkicks in power closed the Bendigo - Heathcote and the Heathcote - Ranglea rail lines on this day.

1973 - Beaut social rebel of legendary status , Bea Miles gave up her mortal shell and most probably continues to annoy taxi drivers in her ethereal form to this day.

1791 - Arthur Phillip recorded his hope to take Bennelong to Britain as early as 1791, writing to his long-time friend, Sir Joseph Banks, that if he does make the voyage ‘much information [will then] be obtained for he is very intelligent'.

1976 - The Castlemaine to Maldon rail line was closed *cue incessant swearing*

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  1. Poor Treacle. And you - what hurts them, hurts us.
    I wonder whether I could get some our politicians mouths closed if they make me (as they do) swear incessantly? Perhaps not.
    Bea Miles certainly continues to irk taxi drivers - and officialdom more generally.