Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30 woop woop

Pottering about with a snotty, sneezy nose, ducking and dodging the builders next door when I pop outside for a smoke in my jim-jams, pouring coffee down my gullet to wake up a bit more (it's not working) all the while being serenaded by the snoring of hubby asleep on the couch.
Yes, it's MONDAY!

 photo pants_zpscbd23e56.jpg
NO! I'm declaring this to be a pyjama day, hell, I got dressed in real clothes yesterday, that's enough for one week.
Damn, it's Sans Pants Week.

The Sydney Gazette reported on this day in 1924 of the meeting between Wiradjuri resistance warrior Windradyne and Governor Brisbane at Parramatta; a great feast was held with 8 tribes comprising of approx. 400 Aboriginal People from far and wide (some travelling up to 200 miles) with Windradyne seeking an end to hostilities between settlers and Aboriginal people.

Well, Elizabeth Woolcock probably thought it would have been a great pyjama day today in 1873 in South Oz except she'd been 'tempted by Satan' to do her hubby a nasty mischief and got the glory of swinging from the gallows for her effort.

ABC viewers in 1971 were treated to a much better effort of entertainment than poor Liz Woolcock dangling from a rope when Aunty Jack's Travelling Show made us howl with laughter.

After Cyclone Tracy totally rooted Christmas for many Darwinians, the Darwin Reconstruction Commission was established to over-see the rebuilding of the city on this day in 1974.

Trains no more trundled up the Everton - Beethworth rail line after today in 1976; opened a century earlier the  16.5 kms rail line is today a rail trail for cyclists to provide the transport the government trains once provided.

 photo Bwrail7_zps722fbb52.jpg 
Rail trail of Everton to Beechworth. 

 The Sydney Gazette reported in 1824 that...
"A SPORTING CENTENARIAN. - Margaret Evans died at the age 105. This extraordinary female was the greatest hunter, shooter, and fisher, of her time ; fiddled excellently, rowed stoutly, was a good joiner, was a blacksmith, shoemaker, boat builder, and maker of harps, and at 70 was the best wrestler in the country."


Vest said...

lI a perdu connaissance WOOP WOOP? Comment appelez- vous ceci en Francais?
is that poow poows in strine?
Such a petty thing hanging for killing ones husband . Mind you a good old public hanging was a bigger draw than a footy grand final. The dreadful lack of sensitivity still prevails among the common herd in Australia.
"Bring back the Cane".

May you have a prosperous and happy New Year.

Andrew said...

I was with you until I got to Margaret Evans, the best wrestler in the country at the age of 70!

Vest said...

Can't imagine that delightful lady Maggie E in the sack, quite say the least. Did she produce any progeny?

River said...

I remember Cyclone Tracy well, hubby was in the Army and we lived behind the base at Enoggera, Brisbane. He had to stay home for the holidays in case he was called upon to fly to Darwin and help out.
That Margaret Evans was certainly an active person, I can't imagine doing even half those things. Ever.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Amazing that I've never heard of Margaret Evans before ... how could such a bizarre combination of activities at which she excelled fall into oblivion???? And why close the train line on the 30th - you'd think they could hold out 'til the end of the year!!!!

Fion RK said...

I would take my hat off to Margaret Evans, if I was wearing one. What a lady! And cyclone Tracy, 39 years ago already. Some of my parents friends flew out with nothing but their clothes, I still remember being at Adelaide airport when they arrived. Everyone on the plane just looked so sad. Thanks for this site, interesting stuff.

Jayne said...

Same back to you, Vest, have a good 'un.

Jayne said...

I had to read the news item twice to be certain I wasn't imagining it, Andrew lol!

Jayne said...

No idea yet, Vest, trying to find time to explore her family tree!

Jayne said...

It's ok, River, I think Margaret made up for all of us!

Jayne said...

Isn't she a marvel, Red?
Of course, she was a female so no one has been tooting her horn...had she been male on the other hand there'd probably be sporting ovals named after her.

Jayne said...

Thanks, Fion :)
It was a very sad and confusing time for so many after Cyclone Tracy.