Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31 in whatever year of Oz

Having a go-slow day due to one of the furbabies being sick all over the house, I think due to too much rich pickings from the pork roast last night.

Got my mitts on the Dipel Fen told me about; napalmed the crap out of the grubs, fingers crossed they've left some of the toms alone and I can get some to eat!

Boring day here, not much to share with you, so I'll launch into the history of today and leave you be.
Have a grand New Year, may 2014 be stupendous for you all xxx

Today in 1849 saw the abolition of the Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate which had failed miserably to drag the Indigenous people down to the European ways of life.

This day in 1852 those at Port Arthur and Hobart noticed the sudden rise and fall of the tide due to a tsunami somewhere.

However, those in Hobart had reason to celebrate this date in 1921 when Cadbury's opened their factory there.

And those in Melbourne were shouting Huzzah! when the 44 hour week came into play in 1921.

While them up in Sin City Sydney were out with the streamers at the newly opened Mascot Airport in 1921.

Those in Katoomba in 1964 got to hear and dance to The Missing Links playing in the New Year.

And if those rockers were still around at Chequers in Sydney in 1973 they probably witnessed the first public gig of a little-known band called AC/DC.

AC/DC found they were on to a good thing so they followed up their popularity with a New Years Eve concert at Melbourne's Festival Hall in 1974.


  1. Oh goodie, hopefully you get some for yourself. Mine appear to be succumbing to the dreaded wilt. Hopefully it's slow enough that I get the tomatoes that are ripening. Gah.

    1. Ahh, yes, The Wilt...I was hoping mine were just recovering from too much partying but I suspect not.

  2. It is New Year's eve morning. I stayed up most of the night with an allergic reaction to my allergy medication (is that not the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?) and a vomiting grandchild (which is the most unridiculous thing I've heard in a while.)

    1. That is awful, Debby!
      I hope there's an alternative medicine you can use? I have heard of reactions to allergy meds, makes it difficult for you xxx
      Hope the spewy grandchild and you are both feeling better.

  3. I hope the digestive upsets (known here as UDOs for Unidentified Disgusting Objects) are in the past.
    AC/DC debut in 1973? No wonder I am feeling old. I am.

    1. Yep, this furbaby mumma isn't giving the roasting dish to the furbabies to clean up any more!