Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Day of Boxes!

Hope you all survived the cut and thrust of the rellies yesterday and remember - it's only 364 days til Xmas!

A quiet day was enjoyed by us in Chez Tribal House, gnawed on cold roast chook, steamed spuds with lashings of cheese and salad, plum pudding finishing off the feast at 10pm with the obligatory dollop of whipped cream to the side.
Pressies had been bought and given leading up to the day so the Feral Teen was the only one to get a wrapped gift from my dear departed Dad - a t-shirt of his favourite Annoying Orange thingie.

House reno next door is galloping along with the lads working early til late on Xmas Eve and again today, thankfully mine eyes were already peeled open by the furbaby Pip who insisted that mummy must be UP! and PLAY! NOW! with her at 6am.
So, I did as I was bid.

Pupped in Lismore, NSW, on this day in 1899 to an Aboriginal mother and former convict father was the world's greatest tightrope walker, Cornelius Sullivan (changed his name to Con Colleano) who became the first to perform a forward somersault on the highwire.

In 1885 on this day the South Australian Register newspaper announced that the board of inquiry into the massacres of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory by police and civilian parties would be held in secret.

This day in 2004 saw almost all of the coastlines of Oz (minorly) effected by the tsunami that began in Sumatra with a mega-thrust earthquake that had the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima type atomic bombs which in turn gave birth to the Boxing Day Tsunami that devastated Indonesia, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Somalia.

The Athenaeum Hall in Melbourne played host on this day in 1906 to the world's first full-length feature movie, The Story of The Kelly Gang.
The wowsers aka the pollies thought this fill-um glorified bushrangers so had it banned in Benalla and Wangaratta in 1907 and then banned in the whole of the state of Victoria in 1912.

1898 on this day the mute moon and stars were the only witnesses to an horrific triple murder in QLD that remains unsolved to this day; the Gatton Murders were the brutal killing of 3 siblings, 2 sisters and a brother, on their return from a dance that had been cancelled.
Many rumours abounded at the time and still to this day theories are brought to light regarding the murderers identity but without evidence there are no final answers.

 photo beaufortelthamwalk2136.jpg
Have a great goaty day!


  1. Alovely photo of you, do your Kids Call you Nanny, er er.

    1. They call me a great many things, Vest, but never, ever late for dinner :P

  2. Who knew Boxing Day had such a proud tradition of weird stuff happening? Looks like Xmas has a lot to answer for!!!

    1. It's that dratted Xmas spirit everyone keeps imbibing, Red ;)

  3. Love the goat. Hope your day of Boxes was pleasant.

    1. Lovely, quiet day, thanks, EC :)
      Hope you and yours had an equally good one ;)

  4. My jaw just dropped open! Only 364 days until Christmas! Damn, I'd better get shopping before all the good stuff is gone....

    Going back to read the rest now.

  5. forward somersaults on a high wire? I'm impressed.
    I remember the stories about the 2004 tsunami, it wreaked a lot of havoc that's for sure. So much loss and ruin.
    Was Santa good to you this year?

  6. Santa was kind, River, as he took my atm card and bought me a new vacuum cleaner from ALDI.
    And surprised me with a TARDIS salt & pepper shaker set, also a TARDIS coffee mug :)

  7. Pictures of the TARDIS stuff please.